The Krishna Connect
 Children dressed as Radha and Krishna during the procession in Bhopal
Bhopal: The procession taken out by Sewa Bharati Bhopal on Janmashtami witnessed the participation of over 2000 boys and girls dressed as Shri Krishna and Radha. When the procession was taken out the entire road was covered with the Krishnas and Radhas. The procession began from Sarvadharm Bridge of Kolar Road and culminated at Vineet Kunj while passing through CI Shopping Complex with the mahaarati. It was welcomed at different places by the people of the city by showing flower petals and putting tilak to the children dressed as Radha and Krishna.
Sewa Bharati Madhav Mandal takes out this procession every year on Shri Krishna Janmashtami. Sewa Bharati runs various Sanskar Kendras in the slums of the city where the children are imparted with the social values. Through this procession, the children from all sections of the city are brought together without any discrimination thus promoting the feeling of social harmony. The entire city welcomes the procession. It not only strengthens self-confidence of the children but also helps in curbing the different kinds of social evils. Sewa Bharati conducts such activities all over the country to bridge the gaps in society and also to inculcate values among the children.