Muslims riot against Hindus in Sindh, Pakistan over rumors of blasphemy; Mob vandalizes Hindu temples, schools, homes and even Dharamshalas as Imran Khan, liberals and pro-Pak lobby turn blind and deaf
The Muslim extremists in Ghotki in Sindh were led by Mian Mitthu's son Mohammad Aslam Mitthu. Mian Mitthu is known for abducting Hindu Girls and forcefully converting them to Islam.
Disturbing reports coming from Pakistan's Sindh province say that a group of radical Muslim organizations have conspired to again attack the minority Hindus there. On last Saturday and Sunday, a fanatical mob of Muslim fundamentalists forced themselves into the area where mostly Hindus resided in the town of Ghotki. The slogan shouting Islamic rioters vandalized a temple, a dharamshala and a school in the area. They then barged into Hindu homes beat up the residents, without sparing even women and children.
Ever since the horrific incident, the Hindu population of Ghotki is living in fear and have been unable to either leave their homes not stay in peace. The Muslims mobs have been patrolling the streets and are targeting any Hindu whom they spot. At nights, the mob has set fire to vehicles belonging to the Hindus in the market area of the city.
On Saturday last, Nutan Lal, a Hindu school principal was accused of blasphemy by his student who charged that he used objectionable words for Prophet Muhammad. Soon after these allegations went public, a large crowd of murderous Muslims assembled at the school withing a hour.
Eyewitnesses say that most of the mob consisted of followers of extremist Muslim cleric Mian Mithu. Originally called Mian Abdul Haq, Mian Mitthu is a politician and a Muslim cleric belonging to the Barchandi Sharif Chishti. He is notoriously famous for abducting Hindu girls and marrying them off to Muslim men after forcefully converting them. More recently, he was instrumental in the kidnap and conversion of Rinkle Kumari in Pakistan. 

Mian Mithu's son Aslam, along with the student who accused the Hindu Principal Nutan Das of blasphemy
The mob that attacked Hindu area on Saturday was led by Mian Mitthu's son Aslam Mithu. The mob barged into the Hindu area and first vandalized the school. Then they desecrated the temples in the area and broke many idols inside. Even Dharamshalas meant to serve everyone irrespective of religion was vandalized by the Muslim mob.
The city administration sent a motley group of policeman after the reports of attack on Hindus. The presence of police was a mere spectacle as the Muslim rioters continue to rampage the Hindu homes, properties and businesses in the market.
The Hindu school principal Nutan Das has been arrested by the police on charges of blasphemy as the Muslim rioters went scot-free. Hindus allege that these riots are a conspiracy to drive away the Hindus and the charges of blasphemy is only a reason for them to attack them.
As the atmosphere in Ghotki continues to remain tense, Pakistan PM Imran Khan who goes around talking about 'minorities' in India has been silent on the riots in Sindh and so have the liberals and the pro-Pak lobby back in India. It seems that they have chosen to willfully become blind and deaf to the travails of the Hindus in Pakistan.
School Principal Nutan Das who has been arrested on the charges of blasphemy in Ghotki in Sindh Province of Pakistan