Secularism Fakularism - Muharram Tazia procession inside the BHU campus tramples on the sanctity of the institution
Sanctity of BHU has been trampled upon with an open display of Abrahamaic religiosity in complete contravention of the ethos of the institution and its founders. Will the concerned governments and authorities take the bull by the horn and stop the desecration before it goes out of hand?
 - Dr Shakti Kumar Pandey

Muharram Tazia procession entered into the Banaras Hindu University Campus from Chittupur gate 
Muharram tajiya procession was taken out on the campus of Banaras Hindu University. The question is - Can we take out Ram Dal or Bharat Milap procession in Aligarh Muslim University? This question is being raised by Hindu organisations and their supporters. It is quite surprising how the BHU administration and the district authorities permit the processnists to take out the tajiya procession in Banaras Hindu University. Why was it done at all knowing full well that Banaras Hindu University is a centre of learning which does not believe in the propagation of false values and superstitious practices.
The Muharram Tazia procession entered into the Banaras Hindu University Campus from Chittupur gate and it passed through the law department and women's college and finally moved out through the main gate. All the time the police and BHU guards remained mute spectators. It is difficult to understand what was the motive and purpose behind it and why did the organisers of the Muharram procession choose the path through BHU campus? Why did they want to vitiate the atmosphere there?
As soon as the news spread on the campus the students from different hostels and departments gathered and staged dharna at the office of the Chief Proctor. The Chief Proctor tried to pacify the students who seemed unrelenting on the issue. Activists of Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad alleged the district Administration and the university authoritys for supporting pseudo-secular forces and disturbing the atmosphere of the BHU campus. The dharna ended only on the assurance of the Chief Proctor that forthwith no such processions will be allowed on the BHU campus. The students raised slogans against the Chief Proctor, Vice Chancellor and the district administration.
The Chief Proctor OP Rai tried to downplay the event and justified his negligence by saying that such processions have been taken out on BHU campus even earlier, while the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad members said that it was first time that tajia procession has been taken out on the BHU campus. They declared that they will not allow religious fanaticism to grow inside this Center of Learning established by Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya.