Former Sikh MLA of Imran Khan's party seeks refuge in India; Says Sikhs and Hindus in Pakistan are not safe

 Baldev Singh, MLA of  Pak PM Imran Khan's party PTI has said that Sikhs and Hindus are not safe in Pakistan (Image:
The pathetic conditions under which non-Muslims, especially Hindus and Sikhs are forced to live in Pakistan was known. But this has now been corrobrated by a Sikh MLA of Imran Khan's party PTI.
Baldev Singh, a leader of Pakistan's ruling party PTI and a former MLA who has sought refuge in India has exposed the shenanigans of the Islamic Republic that is also a terror haven. Singh who is currently in India is seeking political asylum to stay back in India.
Speaking to the media, Baldev Singh said that "Hindus and Sikhs are being tortured in Pakistan." Exposing Imran Khan's claims of minority welfare, he said that, “Not just minorities , Muslims are not safe there either. We are facing huge problems in Pakistan. I request the Indian government to give me shelter here. I will not go back.”
Baldev Singh has been an MLA on PTI ticket from Barikot in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. In 2016 a sitting MLA was murdered in the KPK province and Baldev was charged for the same. He was acquitted of this charge but the conspiracies against Baldev continued.
Baldev is married to Bhavna Sethi of Ludhiana. She has already shifted back to Ludhiana with her children in March this year. Now Baldev Singh says that the Government of India should announce a scheme where Sikh and Hindu families living in Pakistan can come to India. "I want to tell PM Modi sir that he should do something for them as they are being persecuted there.", he said.
Speaking on forced conversions and marriages of Hindu and Sikh girls in Pakistan, Baldev Singh said that Hindu, Sikh and Christian girls are being forcibly converted to Islam and their marriages are being against the will of the girls and their families there. This was how a Sikh girl's life in Nankana Sahib was ruined he informed.