NRC - Exposes Duplicity of Self Proclaimed Liberals
The left liberal media intellectuals are crying buckets about human beings rendered stateless. Some have made it into a communal issue, targeting a ‘particular’ community. What is shocking is sheer duplicity of the self-proclaimed liberals. The opposition to NRC is stupefying as every country, with some semblance of order, has a Citizen’s register in one form or the other.
The National Register of Citizens for Assam report has been released yesterday. The responses to the report are on expected lines. BJP and like minded organisations, as also Communists and Congress had been saying for years that there are millions of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in India and are changing the demographics of India. Now, the self-proclaimed left and secular parties have changed the stance. Interestingly, Communists lost Bengal because Buddhadeb Bhattacharya openly accepted this problem. This shows the extent of these illegal immigrants’ say in India’s electoral process. This influence on democratic processes was one of the causes of worry for Supreme Court which ordered the setting up of NRC.
The left liberal media intellectuals are crying buckets about 1.9 million human beings rendered stateless. Some have made it into a communal issue, targeting a ‘particular’ community. Ironically, Ms. Marya Shakil of Network18 brought a Hindu elderly lady to her TV show to showcase the sheer cruelty of NRC but went onto parrot the line of ‘a particular community’ being targeted! The senior Hindu lady’s dilemma and difficulty is indeed saddening and illustrates the heartlessness or deliberate neglect of job by careless and corrupt working of many of the officers given the responsibility of creating a good NRC. In such a large exercise, some people would suffer and there is mechanism of resolving such problems.
Some critics say that ultimately the entire exercise will prove to be futile! Even Aadhar Card was called a futile exercise at one time. The critics were able to curtail its use on the facetious claims of invasion of privacy. But, hard work has finally resulted in a fairly good system that has weeded out corruption, leakages and put some order in an exercise that is as good as putting citizen’s register in place.
What has disturbed, nay shocked, me is sheer duplicity of the self-proclaimed liberals. People fighting against Article 370 and Article 35A have been pointing out sheer inhumanity of these provisions in the Constitution that have deprived hundreds of thousands citizens, who by all means are Indian citizens since last 70 years of their basic human rights. Infact, I had written an article a few days back, that went wildly viral and is still being shared wherein I had put in facts about suffering citizens of India in India. Such is the lack of information and interest in these people in India. To keep the issue clear, I had kept the tragedy of Kashmiri Hindus out of it. One can read the article here, so I won’t repeat it. The numbers of deprived hapless citizens suffering for more than 70 years – 4 generations is around 1.5 million. I did not hear a whimper from these so-called liberals.
It is very painful that same set of liberals who had sewn their lips on this subject in Jammu and Kashmir, today are talking of 1.9 million of people who are not being thrown out of the system and solutions are yet to be found. Thus, we are trying to compile data that will tell us how many of the people in Assam are Indian citizens and how many are aliens.
Why are bleeding hearts liberals behaving like this on NRC? I think, the reason is deep rooted Nehruvian ‘Discovery of India’ syndrome that tells us that all of us are guests from outside to this land called Bharat. India is a sarai (inn) that was naturally rich, but surprisingly populated by just a few ‘dravidians’ who were thrown out of their habitat by invading (now morphed into migrating) ‘Aryans’. Since then, it is a continuous procession of outsiders dropping in and making India their home. So, it is fine if a few million East Pakistanis (now Bangladeshis) too make this land into their homes.
They imply that we Indians have no right to stop anybody from getting in as it is a visitors’ country. It doesn’t matter to them that this ‘Aryan’ throwing ‘Dravidians’ out of their habitat has no genealogical or historical or archaeological proof. If there is, it goes against this pet theory. Since, this theory has outlived its use for colonial masters and their faithfuls and world is slowly coming out of this ridiculous story built on shape of the nose. But, our Nehruvians and their fellow travellers – Marxist historians can’t let go a theory or get over the mindset because their careers are made out of this falsehood.
The opposition to National Register of Citizens is stupefying. Which country, with some semblance of order, doesn’t have a Citizen’s register in one form or the other? Try entering any country, developed or developing and you will understand. Yes, there are migrants in large number of countries, but do they get same rights as the local populace? As a common sense example, it is like a joint family in a large mansion trying to be sure about who are its family members, who are guests, who are its servants and who are freeloaders living in it.
A smart intellectual claimed that the entire exercise will come to nothing. Let us assume that all the names excluded are also included. Even then, is this not a fair achievement that we will have a cut off line atleast after 72 years of independence, to decide who are citizens of India? Probably, we may not, anymore, see extraordinary jump in bordering district populations of a ‘particular community’? This jump, obviously, is due to immigrations as it is nowhere near the average growth of any state where this minority resides as surmised by many scholars of demographic studies.
We may have lived for many years happily without any conscious effort to control illegal immigrants. But, with limited resources in one of the most densely populated nations, we must wake up. Infact, NRC must be implemented across India.
As reports filter in, we now know that out of 1.9 million excluded names, 1.3 million are Hindus of which 1.1 million are Bangladeshi Hindus, the entire communal story is gone for a toss. This is totally against the estimates of all the public policy experts. Now, what will be the stance of ‘liberals’?
According to Jaideep Mazumdar in Swarajya, one lakh of the excluded are Gorkhas and another one lakh are Assamese Hindus or indigenous people of the state. Less than 6 lakh Muslims have been excluded from the final NRC. According to him the entire exercise has been sabotaged. The Tarun Gogoi government was fully aware that most of the Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam had obtained those documents through bribery and fraud. And hence, say some BJP leaders, the rules and procedures for NRC updation were deliberately rigged and loopholes created to help the illegal Muslims immigrants.
It is also a fact that while Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh have been very particular about obtaining documents like fake birth certificates or fake school certificates that enabled their obtaining voter ID cards and ration cards, Hindus fleeing persecution in Bangladesh have been very negligent on this count, says Mazumdar.
What will happen to the left-lib-secular lobbies now? Will they go silent as they did in case of Jammu and Kashmir injustice to valid citizens of India? Why is the reaction to stateless citizens of Jammu and Kashmir and recently marked out citizens of Assam different? Is it due to religious shades in two cases? Are unfortunate suffering millions children of lesser gods in this country that still practises strange secularism?
I read a blurb in passing on a TV channel, that an opposition leader of a notoriously casteist party has threatened riots if NRC is not withdrawn. Will such provocative statements cease or be withdrawn, or are our left-lib secular groups so devoid of honesty that they will keep peddling the atrocity narrative?
Breaking India forces have not given up. They are deeply entrenched in the system with close incestuous networks. Let us not take a short term view of this serious issue and keep working hard for cleaning the polity of such influences.