Pakistan behaves like a cat on a hot tin roof; Resorts to downgrading diplomatic and economic ties with India harming its own interests

Narendra Modi governments decisive move on Article 370 and reorganization of the state as union terrtories has the nations enemies in a twist. With not knowing how to react, they are either lashing out like angry snakes or dancing like a cat on a hot tin roof. The reaction of Pakistan is a testimony for this.
Pakistan which has no stake in the internal decision of India, had been caught unawares without knwoing how to react only to be bolstered by its all-time friends in India. The initial reaction from Pakistan was that of beweilderment and surprise. Later after a few of their channels started screaming 'injustice to Kashmir', the PM made a statement laden with lies and innuendoes in the assembly. With no heroic characters to bank upon, he quoted the divisive figure Tipu Sultan in his speech and said they would be inspired by him. Siddaramaiah, Former Karnataka CM from Congress would be happy at least!
India gets international backing
India's decision to nullify Article 370 was welcomed by all the major countries of the world who only wished that peace is restored in the region along with the welfare of Kashmiri people. US, Sri Lanka, UAE noted the developments and called it a internal matter of India, much to the chagrin of Pakistan. Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickremesinghe expressed happiness over making Ladakh a Union Terroty and said that "With over 70% Buddhist it will be the first Indian state with a Buddhist majority."
Earlier, on Monday Inda briefed the envoys of five permanent members of the UN Security Council and several other nations about its decision to amend Article 370 and its move to bifurcate the state as UTs.
China which tried to play smart was given a befitting reply by the Ministry of External Affairs. It said that Beijing should worry about its own internal issues and said that as per policy, India does not interfere in the affairs of other countries, and expects other countries to behave likewise.
Pakistan left to fend for itself
After the NSC meeting, the Pakistan government announced a slew of short-sighted and reactionary measures mostly aimed at pacifying their populace who were questionin the government for being unprepared. Pakistan announced the following:
1-Downgrading of diplomatic relations with India.
2-Suspension of bilateral trade with India.
3-Review of bilateral arrangements.
4-Matter to be taken to UN, including the Security Council.
5-14th of August to be observed in 'solidarity with brave Kashmiris'.
With no real support coming from any corner of the globe, Pak foreign Minister pressed upon Saudi Arabia to react saying that 'Muslims in Kashmir are in danger'. Receiving no favorable response, the Pak establishment led by its Army is seeking the support of Islamic terror groups.

Pakistani Army top brass has reportedly met leaders of terrorist groups to take on India
SNIWire reports that top brass of the Pakistani Army met top terrorist leadership in General Headquarters at Rawalpindi to chalk out the 'way forward on Kashmir'. It also reported that Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and some other terror groups were urging the army brass to “do something” and not let India walk away.
This makes it clear that Pakistan is urging its Jihadi proxies to continue terror operations in India. As per their plan, a major terror attack would attract an Indian retaliation will then force the US to intervene and force India to undo the changes in Kashmir.
With economy failing, sanctions staring at it for inaction on terror groups, a jittery Army brass, the failed Pakistani state is left to seek support of the terrorists and its sympathizers in India. Seems many Congress and Left leaders will have their task cut out in the coming days so that they can indulge in Modi bashing and Pak backing.