Selectivism Exposed!

 From left Shri Vijay Shankar Tiwari, Shri Surendra Jain, Shri Alok Kumar, Shri Deepak Chaurasia and Shri Vagish Issar releasing the special issue of Hindu Vishwa in Delhi on July 26, 2019
The gang of so-called celebrities which is trying to create a fake narrative of ‘mob lynching’ is silent over the killings of thousands of Hindus in various incidents during the last three decades
Dr Pramod Kumar 
Since the year 2014, particularly after the formation of BJP government at the Centre under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the county is repeatedly being stormed in the name of mob lynching and intolerance. Whenever there is an attack on any Muslim, even though due to his own misdeeds or the local issues, that incident is termed as intolerance and mob-lynching. But if any Hindu is killed by the Muslims that is completely ignored as if nothing happened. This selective approach on the part of ‘Tukde Tukde’ gang and the pseudo secularists has been exposed many times in the country but they shamelessly continue to make hue and cry over it.
Recently a gang of 49 so-called celebrities including the likes of Anurag Kashyap, Aparna Sen and Adoor Gopalakrishnan wrote to Prime Minister Shri Modi citing ‘hate crimes’ and ‘growing incidents of lynching’ in the country. However, this attempt was countered by over 60 celebrities—including Kangana Ranaut, Prasoon Joshi, Madhur Bhandarkar and others—when they wrote a counter open-letter accusing the 49 signatories of ‘selective outrage’, and attempting to ‘foist a false narrative’. Not only this, a total of 112 defence veterans wrote an open letter to the PM expressing disappointment over the narrative put forward by the 49 ‘celebrities’. The veterans described the celebrities as “self-styled custodians of democracy and freedom of speech”. Also, there are reports that a case of sedition and public nuisance has been filed against nine of the original 49 signatories in a Bihar court. The petitioner stated that by writing the open letter, the signatories have ‘tarnished the image of the country, undermined the impressive performance of the PM and supported ‘secessionist tendencies’.
While raising the so-called mob lynching these ‘self-styled custodians of democracy’ forgot the brutalities perpetuated in the country by Muslims in the last a few decades 
While raising the issue of so-called mob lynching and hate crimes these ‘self-styled custodians of democracy’ forget the highly brutal incidents that have taken place in the country during the last a few decades when the entire humanity felt ashamed. They forget August 3, 1998, when 35 Hindus were massacred by Islamic terrorists in Chamba, Jammu and Kashmir. The victims were mostly labourers. Also, 11 persons had been injured in the attacks that took place in the district bordering of Doda in Jammu. The massacre took place in two separate incidents at Kalaban and Satrundi. Twenty-six persons were killed and eight injured in Kalaban area under Police Station Tissa of Chamba District. In another incident, at about 1:30 a.m. that morning, five people were killed and three injured in village Satrindi, District Chamba. These celebrities, suffering from selective dyslexia also forget the riots of December 1992 that claimed the lives of over 275 Hindus and injured countless damaging the property of numerous Hindus.
Similarly on September 24, 2002, during the attack on Akshardham Temple complex at Gandhinagar in Gujarat by Islamic terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba, 30 persons were killed and over 80 were severely injured. On March 30, 2002 in two fidayeen attacks on Raghunath Temple, Jammu, 11 persons including three security personnel were killed and 20 others were injured. On November 24, 2002 two suicide bombers again attacked the Raghunath Temple killing 14 devotees and injuring 45 others.
These pseudo secularists also forgot the Godhra train burning of February 27, 2002, when 59 karsevaks were burnt alive inside the Sabarmati Express train near Godhra railway station. The victims were pilgrims who were returning from Ayodhya. The violence followed the train burning led to the killing of 254 Hindus in 2002 Gujarat riots. About half of them were killed in police firing and rest by the rioters.
On January 3 & 4, 2001, eight Hindus were killed in Marad, near Kozhikode, Kerala following scuffles between two groups that began after a dispute over drinking water. On May 2, 2003, eight Hindus were killed by a Muslim mob, in what is believed to be a sequel to the earlier incident. In October 2005, five people were killed in Mau, Uttar Pradesh, during Muslim rioting, which was triggered by the proposed celebration of a Hindu festival. On March 7, 2006, at least 28 people were killed and over 100 others were injured during the series of bombings in Varanasi.
On September 7, 2010 hundreds of Hindu business establishments and residences were looted, destroyed and burnt, while dozens of Hindus were killed and severely injured, temples were desecrated and vandalised by an Islamists mob allegedly led by Trinamool Congress MP Haji Nurul Islam at Deganga in West Bengal. Three years later in 2013, during Canning riots, hundreds of Hindu businesses were targeted by the Islamic goons in West Bengal.
On January 3, 2016 a mob of about 2.5 lakh Muslims under the banner of Anjuman Ahle Sunnatul Jamat went berserk in Malda, West Bengal. The Kaliachak Police station, block development office and public properties were vandalised. Several vehicles were set ablaze and over 30 persons including police officers were injured.
On October 28, 2018, a Muslim youth killed a 50-year-old Hindu for protesting the molestation of his daughter in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh. The man died at district hospital after three local Muslim youths brutally assaulted him for questioning them about the molestation of his daughter. The incident occurred at a village under Katra Bazaar police station. The three youths, namely, Shah Mohammed, Dost Mohammed and Yaar Mohammad, had molested a minor Hindu girl near Katra Bazaar area, while she was going to the toilet. The minor girl then went on to inform her father about the incident. The police officials said the father of the girl went to the house of the accused and complained about the incident to the parents. But the accused along with his other two brothers assaulted him brutally, resulting in serious injuries. The death of the person led to a tense situation in Katra Bazaar area.
On February 5, 2019, communal tension erupted in Teela Nandram of Mantola area in Agra after violent clashes between some Dalits and Muslims. The fight led to the stone pelting and around half a dozen rounds of firing which inured many people. Heavy security was deployed to ward off further violence. A Dalit boy named, Pramod, son of Jaini Prasad, had gone to bring a bucket of water from a nearby RO plant. While he was returning, two Muslim boys, identified as Shahrukh and Salman, allegedly made Pramod trip and fall down which led to a confrontation between them. When Pramod reached with his family members to confront Salman and Shahrukh, Muslims including Yusuf, Akram and others already gathered more than a hundred of their supporters. The violent mob then proceeded to attack the houses of Dalits in the area. Akram, Yusuf and their supporters fired bullets and threw glass bottles at the houses of Dalits.
These are merely some examples. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has compiled a list of over a hundred such incidents when the Muslim mobs killed Hindus and nobody from the pseudo-secular gang uttered even a single word of condemnation. These incidents have been published in the latest issue of VHP’s house journal ‘Hindu Vishwa’, which was released in New Delhi on July 26. Releasing the issue senior journalist Deepak Chaurasia said a kind of industry is being run in the country to protect the people with 1400 years history and defame the age old Hindu tradition. He said this all is being done under a well-planned conspiracy. VHP working president Shri Alok Kumar said Bharat does not have the tradition of lynching.