Nefarious Designs

Among the signatories are eminent directors Adoor Gopalkrishnan, Shyam Benegal, Mani Ratnam, Anurag Kashyap and actors Aparna Sen and Konkona Sen Sharma 
The existence of the left backed pseudo secularists is at the last lag which is evident from the changed mindset of the people in Tripura, Kerala, West Bengal and the dwindling strength of opposition parties in rest of the country
Surendra Kumar Gupta 
Pseudo secularists through their powerful lobbies have been influencing the country’s polity, right from the days of Independence, which today has led to the relentless appeasement of minorities, especially Muslims with scant regard to the ethos of the Hindus. Political opponents led by Lutyen’s mafia, Tukde-Tukde gangs, a bunch of communist historians, a few film personalities along with Award Vapsi gangs are the major accomplices of these pseudo-seculars.
On numerous occasions during the last 55 years, they have been successful in influencing the Government in their favour, leaving aside the decisions of the Government of Janata Party and BJP’s past and present Governments. This insidious onslaught on our cultural and social values, spiritual freedom and Hindu ethos has had a detrimental effect on the country’s image. Though the government of Modi has been able to tackle these attacks bravely in its first tenure, it is also true that the frequency of recurrence of this menace has increased manifold during the last five years.
The very latest notorious effort by this intolerant leftist mafia, in the form of 49 film celebrities, to include our Dalit brothers with the Muslims for dividing the Hindu society, was witnessed by playing the ‘victim card’ for them and writing a letter to the PM to protest against alleged lynching. When the whole country was celebrating the successful launch of Chandrayan-2 and the entire world was appreciating the Bharatiya achievement, these lumpen elements exposed their anti-national credentials by raising this issue. Where were these sickulars when a Muslim mob desecrated and destroyed a Mandir in Chandni Chowk? Where were they when Tyagi and 86 Hindus were killed by violent mobs of a particular community in different incidents across the country?
During election time too, they tried to exert undue pressure on the Election Commission of India on the issue of EVMs. Earlier, they also made an insidious attempt to arm-twist the present Chief Justice of India by implicating him in a false sexual harassment case so that he may not take the right decision in Shri Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid case and other cases dear to the Modi Government. Earlier too, they have been successful in terrorising the former CJI Shri Dipak Misra by threatening to impeach him and inciting the group of four fellow jurists to openly come out against Shri Misra’s way of working which led him not to pronounce any decision on the aforesaid issue rather than to linger on the same for indefinite period. The shameless exhibition of Tukde-Tukde gang is getting support in JNU with the blessings of these elements, including their senior professors who are openly promoting Naxalism in certain states. Also, the mob-lynching incidents are being blown out of proportion. The first instance of protest from this lobby, faced by Modi Government just after taking over, was the appointment of Shri Gajendra Chauhan as head of Pune Film Institute. The protest was continued by these elements for a very long time and the then HRD Minister Smt Smriti Irani was also targeted.
The Partition of the country in 1947 and the breaking up of the country on a two-nation theory based on religion and keeping the status of J&K as disputed including giving half of the State on a platter to Pakistan was also the outcome of this sinister design. With regard to Kashmir, there has been a lot of halla bulu by this gang against the use of pellet guns on stone-pelters by the Government. In the latest situation, there has been heartburning in these elements on the current firm approach of the present government in crushing terrorism with an iron fist. How can anybody forget the role of this lobby in twisting the facts, while writing the History books, by denigrating the heroic acts of our erstwhile rulers and freedom fighters during the wars with Mughals and Britishers? Rather, they have shamelessly spoiled the image of Veer Savarkar, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad and many more freedom fighters to such an extent that they were depicted in the History books as terrorists. Smt Indira Gandhi continued the legacy of Pt Nehru to appease Muslims by bringing and implementing an amendment act of 1981 to declare AMU as a Minority institution by reversing the Supreme Court’s decision of 1967 wherein consideration of Aligarh Muslim University as Minority Institution was negated, though again in 2006, Allahabad High Court negated the status of AMU as Minority Institution. However, presently a seven member-bench has been constituted in February 2019 by Supreme Court to look into this issue.
The State Governments supporting this lobby continue to abet the illegal entry of Muslim infiltrators from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Rohingyas from Myanmar to Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Assam, West Bengal, North-Eastern states and other parts of India to such an extent that either they have become majority community there or shall become in near future. Simultaneously, they have encouraged conversions of tribals to Christianity. During the last 55 years of Congress rule, the selection of people for Padma awards was pseudo-secularists-centric from all walks of life. How badly the Hindu aspirations have been crushed by this lobby with manipulative exercises that the issue of Shri Ram temple is still dragging on in courts since the last 70 years and agitation of the saints and the Hindu organisations demanding a ban on cow slaughter was crushed with iron hands in 1966. The three times ban on RSS, the ban on Jallikattu, devising the way of creating a fake theory of saffron terrorism and allowing the women entry in Sabarimala temple are other examples of suppressing rights of the Hindus. The attitude of present West Bengal Government in dealing with the Hindu festivals there, under the pressure of vote bank politics, has been a nefarious act in this direction only.
The silver lining in this context is that the existence of these left pseudo secularists is at the last lag which is evident from the changed mindset of the people in Tripura, Kerala, West Bengal and the dwindling strength of opposition parties in rest of the country owing to the big win of Shri Narendra Modi in the recent general elections. The next five years will witness the anticipated death of the concept of pseudo-secularism owing to the rise of nationalist forces in a big way. Let each of us play a positive role in encouraging the nationalist forces to show their strength for making this country a superpower of the 21st century.
(The writer is a Political Analyst and former General Manager of BHEL)