Strong Political Will pays Dividends

 Shri Ram Madhav speaking at the Sammelan in Jaipur
Jaipur: “Today the entire nation is celebrating the abolition of Article 370 and 35A from Jammu & Kashmir. This has been possible because of the strong political will displayed by the Modi government. If we see in larger context, the change that we see in various spheres of life today is because of the nation-centric education that we have been spreading in the country for several decades,” said BJP general secretary Shri Ram Madhav while addressing a gathering of educationists on the topic of ‘Bharatiya Freedom Movement and Education’ on August 7.
Shri Ram Madhav said since day one the BJP government at the Centre is working tirelessly to change the political culture in the country. There is emphasis to provide an accountable, responsible and corruption-free government.
Former Vice-Chancellor of Rajasthan University and president of Shaikshik Sansthan Prof Jagdish Prasad Singhal spoke about the life and work of Smt Sushma Swaraj who passed away on August 6. Secretary of the Sansthan Dr Gyarasilal Jaat spoke about the activities of the Sansthan. The special issue of ‘Shaikshik Manthan’ on ‘Bharatiya Freedom Struggle and Education’ was also released. On this occasion, noted educationist Prof Santosh Pandey was honoured with Saraswat Samman for his outstanding contribution to the field of education.