Prominent J&K citizens forum slams mischief mongers who decried amendment to Article 370 in a petition; Congratulates PM Modi and Amit Shah

The amendments made to Article 370 and the regorganisation of Jammu & Kashmir has made people of the region happy as also the citizens in the rest of the country. People irrespective of region and religion have been celebrating the changes across the country. However, few self-proclaimed intellectuals incited by a section of the media and political opportunists have been trying to find fault in the process and instigate gullible people.
Now, a large group of prominent citizens of J&K have come forward and slammed these mischief mongers and the media who tried to showcase the petition as voice of J&K. Global Kashmiri Pandits diaspora (GKPD), a Kashmiri Pandit civil society movement, along with citizens from Jammu and Ladakh, have unequivocally rejected the petition submitted by the 64 citizens condemning the amendments to Article 370.
The letter from GKPD signed by 115 prominent citizens of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh states that "GKPD is also outraged at attempts by some sections of the media to project this as the views of all the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh." The letter further states that "Individual opinions of a group of people cannot be considered the voice of the people of the erstwhile state."
The GKPD has also contratulated the PM and Home Minister on the historic decision and have pledged to "work alongside Government of India to make the dream of One Nation – One Constitution a reality." The letter ends by condemning the sections of the media who are trying to vitiate the atmosphere. The signatories include educationists, businessmen, Sarpanchs, members of prominent forums and professionals.
Petition to vitiate the atmosphere
Few days ago 64 citizens who claimed to be citizens of Jammu and Kashmir had signed a petition decrying the move to reorganise the state and amend Article 370. The petition alledged that the government of India proceeded in the matter in a 'clandestine manner' and that the people of Jammu & Kashmir were not consulted. The petition ended with a claim that they will 'resist any attempt made to divide us on ethnic, cultural and communal lines.'
While everyone is entitled to their freedom of speech, the agenda of the petition was given away when it was shared by the Leftist portal TheWire and the Marxist group South Asia Solidarity Group (SASG). The Wire is known to oppose anything the BJP government does even if it is something as basic as a toilet! The SASG is a anti-India and anti-Hindu group whose sole aim is to shame India and Hindus. SASG is supported by rabid Marxists like Kavita Krishnan and ilk.