No end to Hindu hate in Tamil Nadu; Government indifferent while opposition is happy to oblige
- TS Venkatesan

Hindu hating gang including Bishop Ezra Sargunam, singer TM Krishna, speaker Suki Sivam and even few businesses are having a free run in Tamil Nadu 
In Tamil Nadu, it has been a fashion or mania for evangelists to criticise Hindu gods, their culture with the intention of encouraging conversion. On one side, they spread their octopus network to convert people luring with money. They are targeting influential Carnatic musicians, politicians, film personalities. They have copied our divine songs (with ragas), decorating Jesus like Hindu gods, taking out processions, pulling temple cars, fire walking, subjecting themselves to penance etc.
Slowly they copy all Hindu customs and traditions, festivals to befool the gullible masses. This is being done to impress Hindus that Christianity has customs that are older and better than Hindus. Even they claim that vedas were written by them. Couplet Thirukural is theirs and so on. Noted Carnatic singer Sudha Raghunathan married off her daughter to a Christian despite protests from Tamil Nadu. Anuradha Sriram, vocalist and play back singer said she believed in Jesus. Last year Carnatic doyens O S Arun, Aruna Sairam, Nithyasree Mahadevan, T M Krishna had come under fire for making albums praising Jesus. These songs are exact replica in words, style, rhyme, tone and music except the Hindu god names have been replaced with Jesus. This is to show the money power of Christian bodies. All fringe political parties are being funded by them.
Suki Sivam, who is known for his religious discourses in a simple style in Tamil , has been making disparaged comments on Hindu gods. Recently in one of his discourses in Sivakasi, he said Athi Vardar does not have any divine power. Athi Varadar is immersed in Temple tank and is taken out once in 40 years. This year the wooden idol was taken out and is being put up at Varadaraja Swamy Temple for public Darshan. Referring to this, he said, they are doing it to collect money from devotees. It is a gambling. When protests grew louder he retracted by saying he did not mean that way and was quoted out of context. “ I am a staunch Hindu and will breath last as a Hindu only. Some elements wanted to eliminate me by twisting my discourses”. He also accused Christian missionaries of spreading rumours as I was a stumbling block in thwarting their activities.
Now the habitual offender, Ezra Sargunam has stroked yet another controversy in a TV debate by saying that Modi is a murderer and said Modi had killed many people in Gujarat. When the interview wanted proof, he did not have an answer to give. Bishop of Evangelical Church of India, Ezra Sargunam is known for spreading hate against Hinduism in Tamil Nadu. he is a powerful and fanatical evangelist and very close to DMK party. He has been making controversial speeches time and again. But he had never apologized for his comments. This time he has triggered yet another controversy by calling Narendra Modi a mass murderer. 

Bishop Ezra Sargunam, known for hurting Hindu sentiments and disparaging comments on PM Modi, seen here with DMK leader Stalin is a regular campaigner for the party 
In an interview, telecast by a Tamil News Channel, Sargunam made some controversial comments on Prime Minister Modi. He said Modi is a killer. He had murdered thousands of people about a decade ago when he was the Gujarat chief minister. When the interviewer had pointed out that none of the allegations against Modi were proven in a court of law, the evangelist used a particular word which was seen as untenable.
This has evoked sharp criticism from BJP cadres and leaders. In his complaint, Narayanan Tirupathi, Tamil Nadu BJP’s state unit spokesperson, said the allegations levelled by Ezra Sargunam are serious in nature and requested the police to arrest him. Sargunam should be booked under IPC 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace). In his complaint, he said Sargunam’s remarks were being circulated on social media and sought action. Tirupathi’s online complaint was registered in the Abhiramapuram police station on 4th August and he was issued a community service register (CSR).
Earlier ( in last June ) Sargunam said Hindus should be slapped. In the video, Bishop Ezra Sargunam is seen making arguments to prove that Hinduism is not a real religion. Punch them in the face a couple of times, make them bleed and help them understand the truth (Christianity) He says that when the religious census first began, it was said that those who are not Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, or Sikhs, are to be listed as Hindu. He further goes on to suggest that when this definition of the ‘Hindu’ was laid down, two Brahmins from Iyer and Iyengar communities objected the inclusion of SC and ST community into the Hindu fold . TN BJP State secretary legal wing, Ashwathaman, had preferred a complaint to DGP saying that Pastor Ezra Sargunam had attempted to disrupt communal harmony in the state and has hurt the sentiments of Hindus.
“Sargunam made hateful and violent remarks against Hindus but never has he apologized for any such snide remarks. A proper judicial inquiry will be a befitting action. In Tirunelveli district Sangh Parivar cadres were held for celebrating abrogation of Article 370 and 35A. Amith Shah should turn his attention to Tamil Nadu where the crypto Christians, Anti-nationals, Christian Missionaries, Muslim fundamentalists have a free run. ” Says Raghupathy from Hindu Munnani.
Kumbakonam Fried Iyer Chicken - Business using Hindu hatred
Naming of non-vegetarian dish after Tamil Brahmin community had sparked off a row in the state. The hotel , in the temple town of Madurai , had named a chicken dish as “ Kumbakonam Iyer Chicken” .
In Tamil Nadu, Brahmins never eat non -vegetarian dishes. The naming has affected the sentiments of the peace loving Community. They termed it a cheap publicity and condemned the hotel owner for his wanton action.
Following outbursts and anger vented by Brahmin community, Hindu outfits and others, the owner of the eatery Emmanuel Devavaram had tendered unconditional written apology accepting his wrong. He immediately removed the word “Iyer” from the name board. "It was a mistake made by an inexperienced staff member when I was not at the station and it was not done intentionally to offend a community or religious feelings. I submitted a letter of apology, " he said in the letter.