Anti-Hindu Activist who dishonored Sabarimala traditions alleges deceitful conversion of daughter to Islam; Complains to CM against husband and SDPI

Bindu Thankam Kalyani, the fellow traveller of CPM, Maoists, Islamic fundamentalists and anti-Hindu and anti-nationalistic forces, who made two futile attempts to enter Shabarimala temple for wrecking the traditions there, has approached Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan with a strange complaint. She says, her husband Kamal C. Najmal converted her daughter Bhoomi into Islam. She adds that Kamal bagged money from the Muslim fundamentalist body called Social Democratic Party of India, SDPI as a quid pro quo in this regard. She says, in her complaint, that Kamal took their daughter from home during the last vacation "for 10 days", but was not brought back.
Kamal took the daughter from her school sans collecting the transfer certificate and admiited her in another school withoiut her (Bindu's) permission. Bindu complains, her husband Kamal does not permit her to see the daughter since the last four months. She even thretened her that SDPI people would smash her hands and legs if she attempts to see the daughter. Bhoomi has been admittted to a school, controlled by Islamic fundamentalist organisation called Solidarity, in Vengara, Malappuram district. She says, that Boomi wears hijab, the veil Muslim women wears, when she goes to school. Bindu has complained, Kamal tortured her physically during angry arguments in this reagard.
Bindu, a school teacher, was one among some anti-Hindutwa and anti-nationalistic women activists who made attempts to enter the temple for desecrating it. But, she and her co-activists could not make it, thanks to the stiff opposition from the part of the ardent devotees and believers of Shabarimala Sri Ayyapan. On both occasions she had to give up the sinister attempts.
When she went back home at Kozhikkode, the land lord of her rented house told her not to enter the house. Then she sought shelter in an apartment, the residence of a friend of her. But, the other occupants of the complex objected hence police took her to the police station. From there she was taken to a relative's house situated in an undisclosed location. When she went to her work place, a higher secondary school in Chevayoor, Kozhikkode city, Ayyappa devotes chanted Ayyappa bhajans at the school gate. When she went to the class room, the students echoed the same there. Naturally the school authorities asked her to stay back for some time as more protest marches were on the way. She had to face the same sort of anger and protest when she was trasferred to another scool. And, her daughter Bhoomi was not given admission in schools in her new work place. At last Bhoomi got admission in a school in Agali, Palakkad district where Bindu teaches now.
Bindu and other women activists of her sort invited the wrath of majority of the state's population due to their attempts to enter the shrine as part of the pro-CPM government campaign to violate the temple tradition under the camouflage of supreme court verdict of last year permitting women of all age to enter Shabarimala shrine. Devotees, led by RSS-inspired organisations, resisted those attempts for several months together. The home ministry presided by CM Pinarayi Vijayan provided all sorts of police protection and support to the forces and individuals who made such attempts. Police attacked the devotees on several occasions and tortured even old women who particapted in the peaceful namajapa yathra in the streets to protest against the attempts to wreck the temple traditions. False cases have been registered against thousands of devotees, including former vice chancellor and PSC chairman Dr. K.S. Radhakrishnan and former DG of Pollice T.P. Senkumar IPS. Eight hundred to thousand plus cases have been registered against every prominent leaders of the campaign.
Now, people believe that those who tried to desecrate the temple do suffer one or other serious problems in thier personal lives. The same time people wonder why Bindu is so worried when her daughter is converted to Islam. While attempting to enter Shabarimala temple her stand was different. At that point of time, her ideology was beyond God, religion and faith. Now, when fundamentalism touched her 'blood', she dumps her ideology in the bin. Here is the apt model of Kerala revolutionaries who eat, drink and breathe pseudo secularism.