Hindus and Muslims come together and celebrate amendment to Article 370 in Rajouri

People from all communities celebrate amendment to Article 370 in Pir Kanju area of ​​Rajouri district 
Contrary to the claims of many motivated news portals, people across the region have welcomed the governments move on Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh irrespective of region and religion.
In Rajouri, people from the Hindu and Muslim communities came together to congratulate the government and celebrated the amendment to Article 370.
On Friday, the Muslim community in Pir Kanju area of ​​Rajouri district celebrated the end of Article 370 after their weekly Namaz. Several ocal leaders were also present to participate in this celebration of brotherhood. BJP MLC Vibodh Gupta was also present along with the locals from other communities too. People unanimously welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's decision. All those present hoisted the Indian tricolor and hailed the decision as the landmark in the state's history.
BJP MLC Vibodh Gupta elaborated on the benefits of amendment to the Article 370 and reorganisation of the state. He said that development and jobs will come to Jammu and Kashmir which the ruling parties denied it all these years. Corruption which was rampant will also come to an end and the real beneficiaries will be the common people of the state he said. 
The event was a showcase to the enduring bonhomie between all the communities despite the fake news being spread by vested interests and anti-India portals. Seems that thought the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh are happy with the government's decision, international media organisations supported by several Indian news outlets with vested interests are bent on vitiating the atmosphere. The government should take all measures to avoid spread of fake news within and outside of the country.
(Source: www,jammukashmirnow.com)