Mob Lynching of Idea of Bharat
The descecration of Durga Temple in Chandni Chowk is part of a political conspiracy to disrupt the functioning of the healthy trend, which is steering the New Bharat
Dr Satish Kumar
The Durga Temple in Chandni Chowk was severely vandalised and dismantled. The police remained a mere spectator to all events. When the news surfaced through media and the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah reprimanded Delhi Police Commissioner, Amulya Patnaik, police swung into action and arrested four Muslim youths. CCTV footage provides ample evidence in which more than 200 Muslim men pelting stones and raising frenzy slogans.
Meanwhile, a mobile video of some people, in which area MLA Imran Hussain was present, showed the crowd shuoting religious slogans after which a mob went on rampage on the Temple. Police sources said there were plans to carry out violence on a bigger scale for which more 300 people had been mobilised by sloganeering and motivating youths in the area. Residents of Durga Mandir Gali claim that apart from vandalising the Temple, the miscreants also entered some houses and offices on ground floor and ransacked them.
The Muslims have a different version to narrate, which is just opposed to the Hindus. The Muslims blame a Hindu Halwai for tensions flaring up. In their version, the Muslim mob did not desecrate the Temple at all, and the fight, which started from an argument over parking was aggravated because this Halwai, who was a part of that fight, wanted to fan tensions. The Muslim of the area claims that the Hindus had desecrated the Durga Mandir themselves just to victimise the Muslims. The Hindus’ version tells the different story. The residents of Durga Temple Lane said the Muslim mob not only broke the idols of the Durga Mandir, but also urinated in Durga Mandir. A journalist, Nupur Sharma’s, ground report mentioned that the stone pelting even happened from atop buildings that surrounded the Lane and the residents alleged that they not only pelted stones but were armed with swords for the attack.
The overwhelming political mandate in 2019 has frustrated the Congress and other camps of opposition. Their caste card failed so as their unholy alliances. Now the little space is left to create communal disharmony and slap the blame on the ruling Bharatiya Janata partyChandni Chowk area is Muslim dominated except a couple of Galis like Durga Mandir, which is almost 100 years old. The Hindu residents are afraid of further violence. A group of people demanded the Court-monitored investigation. They believe that there is a larger conspiracy behind the attack on the Temple. The attack has hurt the religious sentiments of crores of people across the country. The conspiracy smacked to start the blame game against the BJP. The Congress Party has started the political narratives against BJP-led national government. It said, ‘BJP is not protecting the Hindu Temple’.
Certain things are very clear. The overwhelming political mandate in 2019 has frustrated the Congress and other camps of opposition. Their caste card failed so as their unholy alliances. Now the little space is left to create communal disharmony and slap the blame on the ruling party. But the truth has teeth to bite the blasphemous rumors and falsehood. The promoter of secularism and multi-culturalism were exposed time and again. Their agendas were to synchronise the Hindu culture and ventilate their sentiments and exaggerate the pain and anger of Muslim Community. Almost for 60 years the culture of appeasement continued unabated. RSS thinker and Margdarshak of Rashtriya Muslim Manch Shri Indresh Kumar, called it mob lynching of the ideas of Bharat. He said, “Every religion has a supreme centre in the world; Islam has Macca, Christinity has Jerusalem and the Sikhs have Golden Temple, why did Ramlala Birthplace is denied? It is gross injustice against the Hindus. In fact, this is the real mob lynching of a cherished idea of Bharat.
The text and textures which was initiated by the Congress escalated by the regional parties like Samajwadi Party of Uttar Pardesh, RJD of Bihar and TMC of West Bengal. All these parties in the name of multicultural facets demanded that minority communities are in danger since the Hinduwadi Party came into power. Therefore, they need protection. Their agents went abroad and tried to spoil the image of Bharat with the statements and quotes of a dozen Noble winners’ scholars. As if the meaning of multiculturalism is to corner the Hindu community and pamper the Muslim community. To facilitate the Haj Bhawans and dismantle the Hindu religious places. If an attempt was being made to balance the appeasement culture, the party was declared a communal outfit.
The dismantling of 100-year-old Durga Temple smacked of a larger political conspiracy. Once the attempt was being made to take everyone together, win the confidence of Muslim as well. Recently, the Haj pilgrims number has increased. The triple Talaq Bill has won the hearts of Muslims women and men. The party which rests on the communal divide has become restless. Their roots are shacked. They are looking for their divisive agenda to smear the goodwill politics. The dismantling of the Durga Temple is a part of the political conspiracy to disrupt the functioning of the healthy trend which is steering a new Bharat. They have done it earlier since 2014. They tried to disturb the campus, forced the award-winning actors/artiste and scholars to return the awards. The systematic attempts were stirred to rupture Indian federal structure by Tukde-Tukde gangs.
There is no doubt that the truth will prevail through proper investigations. The culprits would be caught and put behind the bar. But it is not a mere sudden event. It is part of a larger political conspiracy. The aim is to showcase that the Union Government is unable to protect the religious structures of the Hindu community, how could it construct Shri Ram Janambhoomi? The rationale voices of the Muslim community have understood the duplicity of opposition and regional parties. They are coming out from appeasement culture to the mainstream, which provides an equal share to all under one umbrella. The agents of Muslim vote bank parties are shaken. Their ultimate aim is to create the communal chasm before the Delhi Assembly election so they could garner Muslim supports.
(The writer is Associate Professor at MMH College, Ghaziabad)