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Selective Ignorance
Apropos (Mockery of Human Rights), Organiser, July 21, 2019, the humongous hypocrisy of the UN is so mind-boggling that even right-thinking democracies like Bharat might be at its wit’s end as the problem for Bharat becomes even more intractable. And the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is a hypocritic that just refuses to relent, especially as it views Bharat through its self-serving myopic eyes. Everything Bharat does to ‘manage its own affairs’ based on its democratic norms suddenly viewed by the UNHRC as contravening human rights, especially in J&K. Its latest 43-page travesty of a report reeks of ‘bias, and is politically motivated’ as Bharat reprimanded the UNHCR. To the shock of every right-thinking nation, it has a bunch of international pariah states like Egypt, Venezuela, etc. with abysmal human rights record.
Devdas, Kumbakonam
Population Control
APROPOS (Plan or Perish), Organiser, July 21, 2019, advertisements were issued in various newspapers on July 11 appealing to the people to stabilise population. But it is of no use till strict enforcement is done to curb the population explosion through legislation like one demanded through a PIL pending in Supreme Court, and demanded by 125 Parliamentarians of earlier Lok Sabha cutting across party lines. The Centre should support the PIL. All government facilities should be abolished on having a third child. It is time to follow the Islamic countries where only one wife is permitted for a man.
Madhu Agrawal, Delhi
Uniform forms in Banks
It refers to the State Bank of India taking the initiative to do away with bank-charges for electronic bank-transfers. The system should be that all requirements like minimum balance, interest-rates, bank-charges and other procedures should be uniform for all public-sector banks. Cover-page of pass-books should incorporate all details including even the name of nominees of account-holders as submitted to the banks for the convenience of the account-holders. Department of Financial Services and Reserve Bank of India should devise common application-forms for all types of accounts to be opened in the banks including for government savings-schemes and 7.75-per cent RBI bonds. Provision may be there that all such forms to be available on websites of all the banks, maybe on-line filled on computers and e-mailed to banks like is done in case of application form for passports. All government savings-schemes presently available in post-offices should be available at all branches of various public-sector banks.
Temple must in Ayodhya
APROPOS Owaisi should have welcomed when some members in Parliament shouted ‘Jai Shri Ram’. After all, God is one whether you call Him Allah or Ram. Baba Nanak went to Haridwar, Banaras, Jagannath Puri, Mecca, etc. In Australia, one can express in any way one likes. Newspapers are free to express themselves. Saints have met the Chief Justice of India for the building of Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Ram Temple must be built in Ayodhya.
Amar Jit Singh Goraya, Australia
Water Conservation
APROPOS (A Man-Made Crisis), Organiser, July 14, 2019, like Swachh Bharat, Polio eradication, village electrification, the government should take water conservation also on a war footing. We as a society need to act far more responsibly and right from our houses to apartments and colonies, water conservation should take a historic proportion to change the way we treat this natural resource.
Bal Govind, Noida
Aggression on Temples
APROPOS (Perils of Minoritarianism), Organiser, July 14, 2019, the Muslim aggression still seems to continue in Bharat. The so-called secular media consume ‘fevicol’ when this aggression happens. In most of the cases, the law enforcement agencies take action very slowly. On Sabarimala case, the SC gave judgment even though petitioners were not related to temple tradition, but in case of the entry of women into the mosques, the SC gave a different ruling. Is this because Hindus are tolerant or whether tolerance is considered as their weakness?
VS Lakshminarayana, Bengaluru