Swayamsevaks to Work for Social Transformation

 Dr Manmohan Vaidya talking to the media persons in Vijaywada. Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh
Shri Arun Kumar (extreme right) and Andhra Pradesh Prant Sanghachalak Shri Srinivas Raju
(extreme left) are also seen
Swayamsevaks to Work for Social Transformation
RSS Prant Pracharaks meeting in Vijaywada discusses the organisational matters
Vijaywada: “The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh will strengthen the efforts to ensure that in coming days every swayamsevak joins any of the social transformation activity. We will generate awareness among the swayamsevaks and will also impart them training to ensure that social transformation, based on Bharatiya values and culture, takes place all over the country,” said RSS Sahsarkaryavah Dr Manmohan Vaidya, while briefing the media persons during the RSS Prant Pracharaks meeting on July 14.
Dr Vaidya pointed out that the swayamsevaks are today actively working for rural development across the country. As a result of their efforts, about 300 villages across Bharat have been transformed and developmental activities are going on in about 1000 more villages where the transformation will be visible shortly. The swayamsevaks are working on organic farming, cow protection and strengthening harmony in society. He said prior to the recent Lok Sabha elections, the RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat had appealed for 100 per cent voting. Following that appeal the swayamsevaks raised awareness in their vicinity to increase the voting percentage and encouraged people to vote on the issues of national interest. The swayamsevaks conducted door-to-door contact and held indoor meetings for this objective. Out of 5.5 lakh villages across Bharat, they reached around 4.5 lakh villages. As per the Sangh structure, there are 56,000 Mandals and the swayamsevaks reached out to 50,000 Mandals. In the public awareness programmes, around 11 lakh swayamsevaks and the general public participated. Among those participants were about a lakh women.
Dr Vaidya said the acceptance and support to the Sangh are increasing day-by-day. People are eager to know more about the Sangh and be a part of it. Every year, more than one lakh people participate in the seven-day Prathmik Shikshan. Even on the RSS website, there is increase in the requests to join RSS. In 2014, in the first six months from January to June, 39,760 requests were received. In 2016, during the same period, 47,200 requests were received. In 2018, 56,892 and in 2019, 66,835 people desired to be part of the Sangh. Majority of them are aged below 40 years. He said the Sangh has started new activities in the field of environment conservation also. For this purpose, the swayamsevaks are being provided with training at the Sangh training camps. The swayamsevaks have been educated about saving water by making minimal use of water for various activities like bathing etc. and also about water conservation through various methods.
The RSS Sahsarkaryavah further said the national thought is being conveyed to 1,75,000 villages through various journals published in various languages. This year, there were 12,432 participants in the Pratham Varsh Sangh Shiksha Varg and a total of 17,500 swayamsevaks took part in different Sangh Shiksha Vargs organised at around 80 places across Bharat.
He said in the Prant Pracharaks meeting, Kshetra Pracharaks, Akhil Bharatiya office bearers of the Sangh and organising secretaries of different organisations were present. Prant Pracharaks meet is not a meeting where decisions are taken. The meetings where decisions are taken are the Karyakari Mandal and the Pratinidhi Sabha. Andhra Pradesh Prant Sanghachalak Sri Srinivas Raju and RSS Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh Shri Arun Kumar were also present during the media briefing.