JDS-Cong coalition government in Karnataka led by HD Kumarswamy falls; Loses trust vote by 6 votes

After a prolonged drama, period of uncertainty has come to an end. The HD Kumarswamy led coalition failed to prove its majority in the Vidhana Sabha today. The coalition which had already lost its majority after 20 of its members resgined or abstained, was attempting to win over the rebels and survive as long as possible. But today's trust vote has put an end to the unholy alliance. While 105 voted against the trust vote, 99 voted in favor which resulted in a lose of vote and trust for the government by 6 votes. 
The Cong-JDS coalition government formed a post-poll alliance after the assembly polls last year only to deny BJP a chance which had won 105 seats. The coalition despite internal sqabbles, somehow survived for 14 months. Over the past 18 days, since the recent episode of mass resignations from the Congress and JDS started, CM and Congress leaders tried to put up a brave face. Allegations and counter-allegations were made by both the ruling partners and the BJP. 
The Supreme Court last week had refused to put a stay on the resignations and judged that no whip can be issued to them. The governor Vajubhai Vala had directed the government to prove its majority thrice since last week. All three deadlines were neglected by the government. The speaker finally declared that the trust vote will be done today before 6PM. Though the trust vote was delayed and happened only after 7PM, the government lost the vote.
The speaker Ramesh who had failed to conduct the trust vote since last week, announced the results after the voice votes were cast. Announcing the result, the speaker announced that CM has lost the trust vote.
Total strength of the house: 224
Attendance in the House: 204
Votes required to prove Trust vote: 103
Votes in favor of the government: 99
Votes against the government: 105
Abstained and Independents: 20 
BJP's next moves 
As of now, the BJP delegation will be meeting the governor and discuss the state of affairs after the fall of the coalition government. 
However, the next steps of the BJP is yet to be disclosed. If the BJP attempts to form a government, the governor will have to approve the move after which the BJP has to prove its majority on the floor within a stipulated time. Whatever happens next, the people of the state are looking for a stable government which can offer good governance and address its issues.