Out of Proportion!
Uncontrolled and unbalanced population growth, especially by a section of minority community actively supported by the unprecedented rise of fundamentalist Islamic ideology, is fueling the problem of exponential population growth
The rapid growth of world’s population has become a menace in both developing and underdeveloped countries to the extent that it is eating away their already strained means of livelihood. However, the developed countries can easily sustain and cope with this monster as they can feed their population through their ample resources. There is, however, a threat to these nations too, especially to Europe owing to the unprecedented wave of Muslim immigrants who have entered these countries as illegal immigrants under the garb refugees. Globally, there has been an exponential rise of the population which has taken place since the end of the seventeenth century that is putting a strain on natural resources, food supplies, employment, housing etc. in general. It took over hundreds and thousands of years for the world’s population to reach 100 crores and only 200 years more to reach 700 crore. At present, the world overpopulation growth amounts to around 8.3 crore annually or approximately 1.1% per year. It is estimated that by 2030, the world population will reach 860 crores, 980 crore by 2050 and 1120 crore by 2100.
It has been observed that the rise of population in Sub-Saharan Africa, West Asia, South Asia, South East Asia is tremendous. The rate of growth of population between 2010 to 2018 was the highest in the three Islamic countries, namely Nigeria, Pakistan and Indonesia, which was respectively as 28.42%, 19.74% and 9.55%. Conclusion may easily be drawn from the figures by the United Nations (UN) that the Islamic countries are making the least efforts to control population rise, owing to the dictates of their Mulla -Maulvis in accordance with Quranic teachings and they are exponentially multiplying their Muslim population for the fulfilment of their agenda of wiping out the so-called Kafirs from the world map. The way there is a declining rate of the Christian population in stark contrast to the exponential growth of the Muslim population there in Europe. It may be by 2030 many of the European Countries, from Belgium and France to Germany and Spain, many more shall turn into Islamic countries. The Wahhabi Islam widely practised in the Gulf and West Asian countries, blatantly showcased by ISIS & other Islamic terrorist organisations in a big way is chiefly responsible for conversions to Islam and tyranny against non-Muslims & their massacre.
The rate of growth of population between 2010 to 2018 was the highest in three Islamic countries, namely Nigeria, Pakistan and Indonesia, which was respectively as 28.42%, 19.74% and 9.55%. Conclusion may easily be drawn from the figures by the United Nations that the Islamic countries are making the least efforts to control population rise Bharat, one of the major constituent of South Asia, is too, undergoing through the exponential growth of population and is now the second most populated country in the world with having nearly a fifth of the world’s population. According to a UN estimate, India’s population was 87.37 crore, 122.46 crore, 129.68 crore during the years 1990, 2010, 2018 respectively and Bharat is projected to be the world’s most populous country by 2024 surpassing the population of China, expecting Bharat to have 152.8 crore in comparison to 141.6 crore of China by 2030. During the period between 1990 & 2010, population growth in Bharat was 40.2%, and between 2010 to 2018, it was 5.9%. Also as per 2011 Indian Census, the population of Bharat was 121.02 crore which was only 36.1 crore during 1951 Census, concluding that Bharat faced this monster of extraordinary population rise post Independence. Though the silver lining in Bharat’s favour is that 65% of the population is below 35 years of age. However, the gain of this aspect is offset by the resource constraint of the country. The prominent reasons of unproportionate population growth is accelerating birth rate, increase in life expectancy and uncontrolled, the uninterrupted rapid growth of Muslims including their forcible illegal entry from neighbouring countries especially from Pakistan & Bangladesh through facilitation by vote bank seeking political parties, especially Congress.
Population Imbalance
The out of proportion rise in Muslim Population of Bharat could be very well understood from the available census figures of 1951 and 2011 that Muslims increased from 3.4 crore (9.8%) in 1951 to 17.2 crore (14.2%) in 2011 while % of Hindus population declined from 84.1%(30.36 crore) in 1951 to 79.8% (96.56 crore) in 2011. This exponential rise of Muslims in Bharat too resembles with the world over the trend of the status of Muslims which is influenced by manipulated postulates of Quran and Wahhabi culture, being followed by the almost total Muslim population of the world including in Bharat without bothering for the available resources of the country. In our country, the education provided to the Muslims in Madarsas by the Clerics is totally based on Dar-ul-uloom Deobandi and Barelvi thoughts of culture, partially influenced by Wahhabi culture of terrorising the non-Muslim communities and ensuring for their extinction from Bharat in the long run which is giving rise to the conservative communal thought against the interest of country and the majority Hindu Community .
The political implication of this disproportionate population the rise of Muslims & their communal agenda in Bharat are very long lasting and alarming since owing to unequivocal tolerance and soft, kind-hearted attitude of Hindus, it is apprehended that Hindus will face the same fate in other parts of country as they have faced or are facing in Kashmir, Kerala, Assam and West Bengal where the population of Muslims has already reached or shall be reaching around 30% very soon even it is 98% in Kashmir. The anticipated fall out of this situation seems so dangerous that no Hindu PM can come to power after 2030. Once a Muslim becomes a PM of India, the existence of Hindus shall be in grave danger. A clear cut indication is available to support this fact in the way that no Hindu has been elected from a Muslim dominated seat during 2019 Parliament election. Even, where ever the Muslim population is more than 20%, if they are consolidated there in support of one Muslim candidate, no Hindu candidate can win there, such parliament seats of the lower house are 101. This 17th Lok Sabha has 27 Muslim MPs, the maximum figure in the last decade. Presently, there are 250 Lok Sabha seats where the population of Muslims is more than 10% and owing to their consolidation in favour of their candidate of choice; the situation shall be grim for Hindutva forces to rule the country.
To cope with this alarming situation of population rise in general on the one hand and the disproportionate growth of Muslim population on another hand, Government needs to take immediate steps and come out with a clear road map of containing the exponential growth of Muslims. Otherwise, the future of Bharat and the existence of Hindu population shall be in grave danger. Some of the measures we could suggest are: 1)Reviving, updating the NRC entries made after 1951 Census on all India basis, immediate identification of illegal entrants/immigrants, snatching their voting rights and finally their deportation to the country of their origin. 2) Voiding those persons from voting rights & other facilities which are having more than two children. Such drastic steps are the need of the hour to maintain the sovereignty of the nation and to control the population growth in a big way. Fortunately, the present Government has got the courage and Parliamentary majority to achieve this critical milestone.
(The writer is a political analyst and former General Manager of BHEL, Delhi)