‘CPM will be responsible if something happens to me and my son’: CPM plays politics of vengeance and vendetta against the party stalwart's daughter

Milan Immanuel Joseph, grandson of CPM leader MM Lawrence,
with BJP state president Adv PS Sreedharan Pillai
Asha Lawrence, daughter of 90-year-old M.M. Lawrence, former CPM Central Committee member, former MP (LS) and former Kerala LDF Convener, holds her father's party responsible if she and her son decide to put an end to their lives. She envisages a situation when she would not have any means for daily bread. She was sacked from the state government-owned SIDECO couple of months before. It is interesting to hear what her fault was!
 First of all, her teenage son Milan participated in the hunger strike of BJP state president Adv. P.S. Sreedharan Pillai in connection with the Sabarimala agitation launched by Hindu organisations last year. During the occasion, he told the media that he stands for maintaining the traditions in Sabarimala temple. And immediately Asha was terminated from SIDECO. But, when the media reports came in, she was reinstated.
Secondly, Asha wrote an article in RSS-inspired Kesari Malayalam weekly couple of months before on her family's experiences since her childhood. She explained he hardships the children of M.M Lawrence had to undergo while he was a veteran leader. She made it clear that it was the hardships her mom and the children (Asha, her sisters and brothers) underwent that made her father a genuine communist. She said, in a subtle manner, that Lawrence's family suffered a lot 'to maintain him as a communist leader'.
As soon as the weekly hit the stands, Asha was fired from the service permanently. Now, she, a single mother, struggles hard to make both ends meet. House rent, son's education, bread and butter do stare at her as a big question mark. She says, in her open letter to the CM, that when she lost the job she had met Industries Minister E.P. Jayarajan, powerful lieutenant of CM Pinarayi Vijayan. She regrets, ridicule and taunt were the reactions from him! He told her that it was the party's decision to fire her. Asha wonders if "we won't let you live" is the party policy!
Asha continues that it is she who is punished for her son's participation in the Sabarimala agitation. He is 18 hence an adult. What he declared was his faith and belief, not politics. He went there not to join any drug sellers or rapers. If he had gone that direction, she,'his mom, would have shut the door against him' forever. Women's Wall from the northern border of the state to the southern tip will not materialise women empowerment. Women require a secured life and basic amenities. The job was her only resort. But, the JCB called party policy demolished it.
Asha says, herself and her son met the CM twice. On both occasions, he heard them with utmost patience and assured them sense security. But, now, "LDF will come, Everything will be alright," the LDF's election slogan of 2016 makes both mom and son sleepless with fear.
She requested the CM to correct the wrong party policy of not permitting a single mother like her and son to live peacefully. This is the latest episode of CPM's approach to the women. Apparently, it is against the daughter of one of the tallest leaders of the party in the state.