SFI goons beat and stab own comrade in a Thiruvananthapuram college campus for singing!
SFI unit secretary Naseem and his comrades stab and mercilessly beat Akhil Chandran as he rendered a song in their University College campus in Thiruvananthapuram.

SFI goons stab own comrade Akhil Chandran in a college campus in Thiruvananthapuram for singing
(Image Courtesy: Janam TV)
SFI once again proved its fascist DNA in the infamous University College in the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. In an otherwise simple matter, an SFI worker was stabbed in the campus on July 12, allegedly by the SFI unit secretary Naseem and his comrades. Akhil Chandran, the victim, was beaten and at last stabbed. His fault? He rendered a song in the campus! Immediately after the incident SFI boys and girls told the media that they are very much SFI workers but oppose SFI's fascist style in the campus. They said, SFI does not permit other student bodies in the campus, let alone their participation in the college union election process. Non-SFI candidates can never file their nomination papers.
The accused Naseem was the first accused in a case in connection with the fatal attack against a traffic policemen who caught SFI workers red-handed while violating traffic rules. The policemen were hospitalised for several months. But, authorities took four months before Nasim was arrested despite his permanent presence in the campus.
Last month a girl made a suicide attempt due to the mental as well as the physical torture by SFI men. At last she left the college and joined somewhere else.
When an AISF worker attempted to file nomination papers for contesting college union election, SFI workers manhandled and stripped him. He had to escape without any dress to cover his body.
But, when the latest episode occurred, students belonging to various student organisations, of course including SFI, demonstrated in front of the college and the secretariat.
The incident has created shock waves throughout the state. People suspect SDPI angle in the attempt to murder Akhil just like the murder of SFI man Abhimanyu last year in Maharaja's College, Kochi. It is daylight fact that CPM, DYFI and SFI have got several SDPI activists and the helm. 

University College campus where the said incident took place 
Immediately after the attempt to murder, SFI national president declared that the culprits would be expelled from the organisation. But, the Tiruvananthapuram district committee shot back, they would not expel any one. State president of SFI tried to dilute the matter while participating in a TV debate. He said, they would take action "if any SFI man involved in the matter". He conveniently forgot that the TV channels had live telecast the whole drama. SFI goondagiri has been going on in University College campus since the last more than quarter of a century. Some blokes are deployed there for campus politics for several consecutive years, joining courses after courses. Whether in treasury benches or in opposition benches CPM protects the SFI goons at any cost.