150 bright students from socially deprived background receive Abhyudaya Vidyanidhi Scholarships
Abhyudaya Vidyanidhi Scholarships were presented to 150 students at the event 
Abhyudaya Vidyanidhi, a scholarship program for deserving students from the deprived sections of the society has benefited thousands. This year the event to distribute Vidyanidhi scholarship was held on July 7th, 2019.Abhyudaya, a project under Keshava Kripa Samvardhana Samiti (KKSS) is a RSS inspired organization working to support students from disadvantaged sections throughout their studies, both financially and with syllabus.
In a new record this year, scholarships worth Rs 2.5 Million were distributed for 150 socially deprived students from disadvantaged section of our society. The Chief Guest for the event was Shri P Ramadas, MD of Ace Manufacturing Systems Ltd . Shri Narahari, General manager of Suprajit Industries presided over the function. More than 300 children and their parents were also present. The event was organized at the Annapoorneshwari Kalyana Mantapa in Konankunte, Bangalore.
Shri Ramadas spoke about the importance of achievement in life, determination and education. He also informed that he will try his best to support Abhyudaya and its mission. He asked the students to never give up. His own life story is an example to this. Shri Ramdas was one of the pioneers in the country who started Computer based design. He started Ace Manufacturing in small garage in 1994 to manufacture CNC Machine tools. 2 decades later, the company is spread over 20 acres today. His company manufactures more than a few thousand machines every year and till now they have manufactured 35000 plus machines. Lakhs of people have got the guidance for their livelihood by Shir Ramdas because of his CNC machines. He has saved several thousand of crore foreign exchange to the nation by being part of Make in India in field of CNC machines.

Chief Guest Shri P Ramadas, Managing Director of Ace Manufacturing Systems Ltd, speaks at the event 
Shri Manjunath, GM of a IT firm and an Advisor for Abhyudaya, spoke at the occasion and gave example of a girl whose mother was a house maid and her in laws were also very poor. Her father-in-law used work as a daily wage labourer in the city market. The entire family was uneducated. However, the girl who was determined was supported by Abhyudaya. She studied hard at an evening college and did her BCom and then did ICWAI. Today she works in a Top IT company. He gave another example of a newspaper vendor boy Satish who with his determination came up in life and is doing well for himself. He gave many Examples of how by hard work and with support of Abhyudaya many people are now leading a better lives. Later Shri Manjunath also narrated the journey of Abhyudaya which has grown from supporting 12 children in 2004 to 3600 children in 2019. Abhyudaya teaches, culture and moral values along with education, he said.
The scholarship event began with remembering Shri Nagabushan, a great philanthropist who passed away last month. He had donated the land on which Abhyudaya building at Konanakunte stands today. Shri Nagabhushan was an inspiration to many and his philanthropic activities were well known.
Verification for Scholarship
Identifying beneficiaries for the scholarship is not mean task.It is an effort of many volunteers and the organizations to select the most deserving and rightful recipients.
For the last few months Abhyudaya volunteers visited more than a hundred houses located in very low income group areas to do the required background verification. They had to also check if the applicants for Vidyanidhi scholarship are really needy and had to verify their economic status.

Some of the recipient students with the Chief Guest 
 Abhyudaya - An effort to bring prosperity for all
Abhyudaya, came into being in 2004 as a project under Keshava Kripa Samvardhana Samiti (KKSS) as a Non-Profit Organization (NGO). Starting out as a free tuition center with 12 students, currently Abhyudaya reaches out to more than 3,600 students, spread across remote villages and slum clusters of Bengaluru through life skills, value based education and healthcare related activities. Socially deprived children, their families and the neighbourhood are the focus group of Abhyudaya activities as education has to be imparted holistically.
Abhudaya focuses on free tuition & cultural centers. The organization conducts various programs for the skill development of economically and socially deprived children. Abhyudaya works towards personality development through holistic approach. Nutritional requirements and Health care for these children are also provided by Abhyudaya.
                                           Projects of Abhyudaya                            No.of Beneficiaries
                                           Kalika Kendra                                            25,000 students
                                           Vidyanidhi                                                  5,000 beneficiaries
                                           Jnanagiri                                                     1,600 students
                                           Chetana                                                       125 beneficiaries
                                           Rudhira                                                        12,550 Units, 60 Camps
                                           Parivartana                                                  510 families
                                           Namma Shaale                                            43 Schools