Anti-Rahul posters appear in Amethi, as he visits the constituency for the first time after defeat in Lok Sabha polls
Family members of Nanhe Lal Mishra allege that Sanjay Gandhi hospital, where Rahul is a Trustee, denied treatment to him under the Ayushman Bharat scheme due to which he lost his life. They demand justice from Rahul Gandhi during his visit to Amethi.

Anti-Rahul poster demand answers from Rahul Gandhi over allegations against Sanjay Gandhi hospital where he is a trustee 
Despite his high decibel campaign of calumny against PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi faced a humiliating defeat to Smriti Irani in his home turf of Amethi. In an apparent move to put up a brave face, the family scion is visiting the constituency for a meeting with the office-bearers and workers of the Congress in the district. However, the depth to which his popularity has plummeted can be gauged by the fact that Rahul Gandhi is facing the heat from the family members of a victim of Congress' highhandedness.
Posters have appeared in Amethi in which the family of Nanhe Lal Mishra demand answers from Rahul Gandhi on the medical negligence by Sanjay Gandhi hospital which resulted in his death. Rahul is a trustee in the hospital which is run by the Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust. Though the hospital has denied the charges, the family alleges that Nanhe Lal died due to negligence as his Ayushman Bharat card was not accepted by the hospital. 
It can be recalled that on April 25th this year, Nanhe Lal Mishra, a resident of Musafir Khana in Amethi was admitted to the Sanjay Gandhi hospital for treatment for pain in his legs and stomach. His family had deposited an initial sum and requested the hospital to treat him under the Ayushman Bharat scheme. The hospital however denied to recognize the Ayushman Bharat card which the victim had and even haughtily said that "the card was of UP CM Yogi and PM Modi and this was a Congress hospital and the card will not be accepted", allege the family members. Nanhe Lal later lost his life which the family members blame the negligence shown by the hospital.

FIR lodged against Sanjay Gandhi hospital by Rohit Mishra (inset), son of Nanhe Lal Mishra, alleges medical negligence and denial of treatment under Ayushman Bharat scheme
His son Rohit Mishra had repeated the charges in front of the media. However, the hospital had denied the charges saying they lacked the facilities to treat him and also blamed the patient and his family for not taking him to a better equipped hospital in Lucknow.
The poster seen pasted on shops in the town, demand that the culprits be brought to justice. Demanding answers from Rahul Gandhi, it also calls out the attitude of the Sanjay Gandhi hospital where lives are lost and not saved. Undersigned in the poster are the aggrieved family.
An FIR was registered against the hospital by Rohit Mishra which repeated the charges. Rahul Gandhi has remained tight lipped about the incident and has not even apologized to the family. The poster campaign against him in Amethi is an indication of his growing unpopularity. It needs to be seen if Rahul makes amends and builds bridges with the voters of the constituency or continues to escape from his responsibility.