ABVP for Primary Education in Mother Tongue
The National Executive Council meeting of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad held in Chennai from May 27 to 29 demanded to impart primary education in mother tongue and promotion of the Indian languages. It also stressed on implementation of the new Education Policy as the earliest

ABVP national organising secretary Shri Sunil Ambekar, national president Dr Subbiah Shanmugam and ABVP general secretary Shri Ashish Chauhan inaugurating the National Executive Council Meeting in Chennai 
New Delhi: The National Executive Council meeting of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) held in Chennai from May 27 to 29 stressed on inculcating scientific vision and values the country’s education system. In a resolution passed at the meeting, the country’s largest organisation said: “The glorious scientific traditions and the leading role of India with regard to the law of gravitation, numeric mathematics, algebra, astronomical science, architect etc have been acknowledged today by the Manchester University and other international institutions. The pure grammar of Sanskrit and other Indian languages is today used in the development of artificial intelligence. The direction on laws and Constitution must also be towards providing primary education in regional languages. ABVP demands necessary amendments in this context.”
The meeting was held at Guru Nanak College of Chennai in the presence of national president Dr S Subbiah, national general secretary Shri Ashish Chauhan, national organising secretary Shri Sunil Ambekar and other delegates. The meeting stressed on teaching agriculture science in the syllabus so that new technology for agriculture is developed and the country moves towards sustainable development goals. It also stressed on inculcating the vast knowledge of Indian cultural values in the education so that the universe is benefitted and the foundation for the reconstruction of 21st century India can be developed.
The ABVP stressed on imparting primary education in the mother tongue. “With several psychological experiments globally, the fact that primary education must be conducted in the mother tongue has been established which leads to thoughtfulness, better memory and improvement in fundamental thinking. It is not only suitable for expertise in science but also to achieve expertise in all the subjects. ABVP has been continuously demanding that the primary education must be done in mother-tongue and local languages must be preferred in school educational system,” the resolution said. It also demanded the inclusion of skilful qualitative syllabus in the education system so that, in the coming decades, India does not only lead in the service sector but also come forward in technology and manufacturing sector. The knowledge of various processes in manufacturing techniques due to learning and reading in local languages can be made available for the larger section of people in the society,” the resolution said. “The ABVP believes that skill education in our own languages will be beneficial in order to take the production based on Indian technology to the leading position in International Scenario,” the resolution added.

National President Dr Subbiah Shanmugam addressing the workers during the meeting 
Addressing the National Executive Shri Ambekar expressed displeasure over the condition of the regional languages taught in universities across India and the poor condition of literature. “Tamil is one of the important ancient languages of the nation. Huge ancient literature in the Tamil language is available, but it is not taught properly anywhere in the country. To strengthen the feeling of nationalism, it is necessary to enrich Tamil literature. This can only be achieved when the exchange of literature takes place on a large scale. To ensure that citizens of the country learn Tamil and read Tamil literature, it is important that universities across India should have Tamil language department,” he said urging the workers to gather information of such departments.
Shri Ashish Chauhan urged the workers to demand hassle-free functioning of university departments that teach Tamil language and literature in order to ensure people of the country are acquainted with the Tamil language. A civic reception was organised to welcome the delegates. Shrimat Swami Vimurtanand of Shri Ramakrishna Mutt, Director of RBI Shri S Gurumurthy, Vice President of VIT Shri GV Selvam, Chairman and MD of NTC Group Shri K Chandramohan, ABVP president Dr Subbiah Shanmugam, ABVP general secretary Shri Ashish Chauhan, state president Dr V Tamilnayakam and state secretary Shri Karthikeyan were present. In his blessings, Shrimad Swami Vimurtanand underlined the need for youth to come forward and make Swami Vivekananda’s thoughts reach every section of the society.
Appreciating the Nation First idea of the recent mandate in general elections, the ABVP said the new government has the opportunity to contribute for national development with a qualitatively effective governance process focusing on welfare, national identity and strengthen the image of India at the global level.
In a resolution on National Scenario, the ABVP said India is moving towards becoming world’s fifth largest economic power. Central Government action against terrorists and declaration of Masood Azhar as Global Terrorist represents India’s strong Foreign and Diplomatic power. ABVP congratulated the Indian Team for winning 17 medals in recently concluded Asian Athletic Championship. The Executive also commended the Central Government’s decision of providing 10% reservation to Economically Backward General category and introduction of Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme to empower the farmers.
In another resolution, the ABVP demanded to revisit the need of outsourcing the internal functions of the universities to the private agencies. “Modern education arrangements in educational organisations begin with entrance exams and end in the form of giving results. As the entrance exam is the most important function, the quality of the entrance exam plays a vital role. For this, easy inclusive arrangements and transparent and unbiased examination are very important. But due to lack of resources, employees and lack of technical knowledge among the employees and due to the increasing number of students, outsourcing has been bought into the picture as an immediate solution. ABVP feels that it is of utmost necessity to adopt technology & online process in universities & educational institutions as they are the need of the hour. On one hand where due to outsourcing in the education field, entrance exams and exam results have begun to happen on time, alternatively in education organisations use of outsourcing has been successful.

Delegates assembled at the meeting from across the country