Farmers continue to commit suicide in Rajasthan, awaiting loan waivers which Congress promised in 10 days!
Three farmers commit suicide in six months awaiting loan waivers which Congress promised in 10 days. Suicide note by a farmer questions Rajasthan CM, deputy CM on loan waiver status.
- Agnima Sharma

Even though the Congress formed its government by promising farm loan waivers in 10 days after coming to power in Rajasthan, three farmers in state have committed suicide here in last six months questioning the implementation of the tall claims made by the party.
Congress, in its pre-poll promises, have announced that farm loans shall be waived in 10 days soon after the government comes to power. Congress president Rahul Gandhi specifically counted one, two, three, four till ten to emphasise the deadline of fulfilling the promise in 10 days.However, it’s been six months and farmers, awaiting their turns to get their share of loan waivers even after six months of the coming of this government, are taking extreme steps of committing suicides in the state.
Recently, on June 23, a farmer in Shriganganagar committed suicide while leaving a farewell video and a suicide note accusing the CM and deputy CM for failing to fufill their pre-poll promises.
In his suicide note, the farmer allegedly blamed Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and his deputy, Sachin Pilot, saying, "They promised that the loans will be waived in 10 days after their government comes to power. Their government is here, but what is the status of their promise?” It asked. In fact, in his farewell video also, he left an emotional message for the government saying, "I am killing myself, but would like to urge the Gehlot government to take credence of farmers' grievances. Let them get their dues back.” He also apologised to his family and hoped that his village stands united after his death. Sohanlal also asked other farmers to stay away from conducting his last rites till they all get freedom from debts.
Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot speaking in this perspective said, “We shall investigate the matter to know what is truth. Will take action after receiving complete report.”
Surprisingly deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot while talking to the media said the farmer was actually not debt-ridden according to the information he has received,. "The administration and police are probing the matter. However, according to my information, I am told that the deceased farmer was not debt-ridden. The matter is under investigation so nothing can be said as of now." He further said, “We are definitely going to fulfil our commitments to the farmers and empower them.”
Meanwhile Pilot’s claims were strongly refuted by a farmer leader and Sohanlal’s friend Shyopat Singh.
He said, “Pilot has been lying, Sohan Lal owed two accounts in the Oriental Bank of Commerce and the Syndicate Bank and was regularly paying interest in these banks. Sriganganagar police has already said that he owed a debt of Rs 2.5 lakh. We will protest in front of the SDM office on June 28 and shall demand a case to be registered against CM and Dy. CM demanding Rs 30 lakh as compensation.”
Meanwhile there were other two suicides also reported by farmers in Rajasthan after the Congress government came to power in state.
On May 21, a farmer committed suicide in Hanumangarh by hanging himself inside the collectorate premises. The farmer Surjaram (51) had taken a loan from HDFC Bank under Kisaan Credit Scheme and was unable to pay his timely instalments while banks were allegedly pressurising him to pay his timely dues which forced him to take the extreme step.
Similarly, on May 24, another farmer, Baluram Meena (45) committed suicide in Tonk by hanging himself in his fields.
Speaking on farmers suicide, Nagaur MP Hanuman Beniwal said, “A criminal case should be registered against the Congress for making fake promises of loan waivers in their manifesto due to which farmers are committing suicide.” He also demanded that the entire Congress committee should be booked which drafted the party manifesto announcing a complete farm waiver on charges for duping innocent farmers of the state.
Meanwhile leader of opposition Gulab Chand Kataria coming heavily on state government said that it is quite shameful for the government to be unable to fulfil its promise of giving loan waiver even after six months have passed. “They promised to waive off loans in 10 days but they have not been able to do it in 5 months.” The government just wants to relieve itself of the responsibility of the farmer's death by saying deceased farmer had no debt. " Words will not reveal truth but records will. The loan waiver work is done only on paper but the farmers are yet to receive its benefit” he added.