"Pak army ordered killing of surviving kids in Taliban attack on APS Peshawar", says former SSG Soldier; Exposes the inhuman nature of the Pak army

Pakistan Army SSG soldier Muddasir Iqbal says that Pak Army Major ordered them to kill surviving kids in the operation at APS Peshawar in 2014 to give Pak a 'good name' abroad
The barbaric and ungentlemanly behavior of the Pakistani army is too well known to the world given the way it treats its prisoners and its own soldiers. In this league, the Pakistani Army inhuman nature has been exposed by its own soldier. A SSG soldier has said that a Pakistani army major ordered them to kill rest of the surviving kids in the Taliban attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar in 2014. This was to be done to give a 'good name' to Pakistan abroad and paint it as the savior. The attack on APS in Peshawar by Taliban had resulted in the death of nearly 150 people including 132 children.
A video has surfaced online where a former soldier of Pakistan Army Special Service Group Muddasir Iqbal is heard saying that he was with SSG and was involved in the massacre of APS kids. He then says that he later joined the Taliban to take revenge from the Pak army. In the same video, Iqbal is shown displaying his Pak Army ID card bearing his name and rank.
In a subsequent video he exposes the inhuman nature of the Pakistan Army. Muddasir Iqbal says that Major Jawad of the Pakistan Army ordered the SSG soldiers to kill the rest of the surviving kids in the operation at APS Peshawar. This was to be done to give 'good name' to Pakistan abroad and paint them as the saviors after the Taliban had massacred many children.
The video raises a number of questions regarding the Peshawar school attack. It has been believed that the Taliban had killed all the children and the Pak army moved into ambush the Taliban militants and salvage the operation. Pakistan had claimed that all the 150 people were killed by foreign militants of the Taliban and the Pak army moved in to counter them. This expose by former SSG soldier shows the extent to which Pakistan and its army can go to paint a fake narrative. The Pakistan's army does not mind killing its own children so that it can get a 'good name' abroad!
It can be recalled that the Taliban is a creation of Pakistan in the 1980's to take control of Afghanistan from the invading Russian army. The Taliban known for its barbarity and cruelty has become a Frankenstein monster which came back to haunt the country which created it. While the Pakistan tries to paint Taliban as the enemy and itself as the savior, this expose by its own soldier shows that the Pakistan Army is worse than the Taliban in being double-faced and much more diabolical than any other terrorist groups.