Dedicated FM station set up for Amarnath yatris; Will provide information on weather, crowd management along with devotional music

As per the request of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has established a FM radio station for the first time dedicated  to the Yatra. A mobile FM transmitter with a frequency of 103.7 MHz has been set up in Baltal. The station will broadcast information related to crowd management, weather, health and other warnings during the Yatra. The Ministry of Culture will broadcast devotional music on the same channel.
In order to provide high quality content, The Ministry of Culture is collecting and also generating devotional content for the Yatra. This will include chanting of hymns of Shiva, Parvati and Ganesh along with their meanings and commentary. Prominent music directors and singers have been roped in for the purpose. Such music and chants will be broadcast on the FM radio throughout the day and can be heard by the Yatris on ordinary mobiles.
These devotional songs, chants and hymns will also be broadcast through the Sangam app developed by the Ministry of Culture. It will also be broadcast through the AIR Live mobile app developed by Radio Kashmir.
The Jammu and Kashmir government has assured that 4G mobile data services will be made available throughout the route of the Yatra, so that the yatris can easily access the Sangam and the AIR Live mobile apps. Devotional music, chants will also be played at all the food serving outlets present throughout the route.