Silence Please! Mamata Drama is Going on In West Bengal
Many actions and utterances of the Mamata Banerjee have created confusion and the situation is gradually going out of control. After assuming power in the state she had thundered that she would make Kolkata another London, Digha another Goa and Darjeeling another Switzerland. Unfortunately nothing has happened.
- Asim Kumar Mitra

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is now on back foot. But she has not surrendered. All her pre-election promises have washed out. She wanted to form Mahaghatbhandhan. It did not work. Practically all leaders of this group have betrayed her. On all India scenario, it was a total failure. Partners were busy in keeping their own house intact. Ultimately, Mamata was made a scapegoat.
She did not care. Her canards against Modi are still considered as low taste irritant. Here, we are not going to discuss that. We are concerned about the situation in West Bengal. After assuming power in the state she had thundered that she would make Kolkata another London, Digha another Goa and Darjeeling another Switzerland. Unfortunately nothing happened. By squandering away state money, she travelled a large part of the world to bring industries to West Bengal. She was accompanied by a large number of delegates. Definitely few promises were there from the foreign, but no investment has come yet. Then she promised that state government employees would be given D.A. at Central Govt. It was not abided by.
The biggest jokes of the century were 1. BJP would get flak as they (TMC) are going to get all 42 Lok Sabha seats. Fact remains that they got only 22 seats and BJP got 18 seats. 2. Her next claim was BJP would be finished in 2019.Fact remains that BJP got more than three crores popular votes in Lok Sabha election, whereas TMC got 2 crores 27 lakh plus votes in Lok Sabha polls. 3. Her next claim was she would be Prime Minister of India. It did not happen. 4. There was bye polls in eight Vidhan Sabha seats which had taken place simultaneously with the Lok Sabha Polls. Out of those eight Vidhan Sabha seats, BJP had won 4 seats, TMC won 3 seats and Congress got 1 seat.
All those results were out on 23rd May. Since then CM Mamata was trying to instigate unruly elements of her party to start riots among communities so that she can accuse BJP for these riots. But unfortunately for TMC, the BJP could guess the game-plan of the ruling party, So they could not progress fast in this plan. They hired goons from Bihar and Jharkhand & tried to propagate as if they all are BJP members. But BJP was very much cautious about this plan and busted publicly about the plan. It simply boomeranged against the ruling party.
In this process she chalked out another plan to instigate Muslims against BJP. But here also Mamata received another big jolt for the simple reason that she had miscalculated the Muslim psyche against BJP. Mafiza Khatun BJP leader of Murshidabad had openly accused the chief minister Mamata that she had wrongly tried to instigate the Muslim youths to attack the Junior Doctors in government hospitals. Here one must take note of the fact that the in government –run hospitals more than 80% of out-patients are Muslims. Hence , if there is any trouble in hospital Muslims would be naturally involved in such incidents. It would mean the trouble would immediately spread throughout the society. In this regard many actions and utterances of the chief minister had created confusion and the situation was gradually going out of control. The Governor K.N.Tripathy had to intervene. Even the central government wanted to know the details of the incident. Notices and Advisories were sent by them. The Governor telephoned her thrice. First two calls went unanswered. But the third call was responded by the C.M. Then there was a meeting of the disputing parties at the state Secretariat NABANNA. And a kind of settlement was arrived at.
In this way the chief minister is bowing down to the pressure of higher authorities. During election propaganda period the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi criticized Didi’s government as TOLABAAZ SARKAR. Now Didi has started taking action against those who were involved in this heinous activities. She had taken action against many of them. Many of them are suffering the punishment awarded by the Didi’s government. Peculiar fact is that the punished persons are all Didi’s own henchmen.
The Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had started crying foul whenever she listened “JAI SHRI RAM” slogan. She even jumped out of her car from the convoy to catch the JAI SHRI RAM sloganists. The other day when the newly elected Member of Assembly in bye election came to Vidhan Sabha Bhavan many member shouted the slogan JAI SHRI RAM. Mamata was present there and instead of stopping the JAI SHRI RAM, she shouted JAI HIND.
According to the constitutional provisional she will continue as chief minister for another year and eleven months. Till that time will she find any TMC MLA behind her? As days in and days out they are joining BJP, once their arch opponent. Under this situation one of our journalist friend mildly shouted “SHANTATA, NATAK CHAALU AAHEY”. Let them give a chance to finish it.