Connecting Dots of the Nefarious Design
                                                                                                                  - TS Venkatesan      
Concerted efforts are on to spread Christianity and Islam throughout the State of Tamil Nadu, with the State Government and its officials turning a blind eye to the nefarious practices of the anti-nationals
Facebook post of BJP leader Balachandran highlighting prominent people in Tamil Nadu who mock Hindus, denigrate Tamil kings and sow the seeds of secession in the name of Tamil
There is a well-planned, multi-pronged, coordinated effort to spread Christianity, and Islam throughout the State of Tamil Nadu, with renewed vigour if the recent happenings in the State were an indication to go by. Christian missionaries, Muslim fundamentalists and Naxals in collusion with anti-nationals have long been active in Tamil Nadu with a clear agenda – Destroy Hindu identity through religious conversions, by hook or by crook.
During the British Raj, it all started with setting up of hospitals, educational institutions (English convent schools) to cash in on Tamilians' fancy for English. Slowly, came the Bibles and evangelical pamphlets distributed free with incredible stories of Jesus’ miracles and his promise of eternal life in the hereafter. Their main target was illiterate tribals and poor people who fell prey to their evil agenda. Churches were used as centres to convert a large number of gullible people.
After the country was freed from the British rule, Dravidian parties such as the Justice Party, Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) and its offshoot DMK turned a blind eye to religious conversion activities, as they lured with money and power. Alongside Churches, makeshift prayer halls under thatched roof mushroomed all over poromboke (unclaimed) lands. It is believed that DMK used Christian NGOs to deposit their ill-gotten wealth in foreign banks and companies through Hawala means, as a quid pro quo for giving them unfettered power to carry on their nefarious activities.
Their primary tool of propagation was the powerful Tamil cinema. And the movie-crazy Tamils were the perfect fodders. Leading movie directors like Agasthian, Seeman, Pa, Ranjith, Bharathi Raaja, lyrist Vairamuthu (all crypto-Christians under the garb of Tamil identity) used their movies to show Hindu gods and goddesses, their religion and customs in poor light, while projecting Jesus as the only 'Saviour' that can redeem them from all their sins. Popular actors like Kamal Haasan, Vijay, Vijay Sethupathy, and others portrayed their role in fulfilling their masters. If you see their films, there would be a scene showing Hindus and their gods in bad light.
When the Modi sarkar had cut off the conduit of foreign funds to NGOs, they suffered an initial setback. Slowly they found a way out of it through alternative ways to get funds by launching 'political parties' on letterhead which included May 17 movement by Daniel Gandhi alias Thirumurugan Gandhi, Sebastian alias Seeman's Naam Tamilar Katchi, Kamal Haasan's Makkal Needhi Maiyam ( MNM) to name a few. So far, this method has been successful.
Selected men, women in groups visit villages, towns, streets with pamphlets, Bibles for proselytising acts. They go in small groups of one or two to distribute and propagate and brainwash the gullible poor in converting to Christianity with an assurance that no caste system in their religion and will help them to overcome their financial needs. Their target was mainly Dalit’s and tribals. With the Sangh Parivar active in the State, villagers now say ‘no’ to such people who mostly come for conversion or propaganda. Some villagers even put up signboards, saying “ no permission for alien religious people to promote their religion here". Some villagers stopped, caught hold of the people who come to promote their religion. Their faces were smeared with Veebudhi ( sacred ash), kumkum and Sandal paste. To avoid such situations, they now come in large numbers and do their job assigned to them by Churches.
Christians also slowly and steadily have been copying our customs like wearing colour dhoties, fasting, padayatra ( foot walk), temple car pulling, and spiritual songs in Jesus name replacing Hindu gods. Even they claim that yoga, Surya Namaskar and Saiva Thriumuraigal (sung by four famously revered Saiva saints known as Saiva Samaya Acharyas (naalvar) viz Thiru-nyana-sambanthar, Thiru-navukk-arasar (Appar), Sundarar, Manikkavasagar. The claim famous couplets of Saint Thiruvalluvar are theirs.
Their next target was to grab forest lands and Hindu hill shrines. They would first start with installing a Cross, then writing on rocks and finally install a statue. This, they are doing this selectively and systematically. Now there have been strong opposition thanks to awareness created by Sangh Parivar and social media platforms., they could not do so quickly.
Another method, now they follow, is to travel in trains and shout in pitches the bible verses and distribute leaflets in suburban trains. Passengers, who regularly commute for work, do not attach much importance to their activities. The Railway Protection Force (RPF) of the Chennai division of Southern Railway has received complaints from commuters of evangelists travelling on passenger trains and indulging in religious conversion activities. Now they travel on express and mails to do their proselytising acts.
A passenger made a complaint on June 12 about a group of people who were travelling on a passenger train on the Chennai-Tiruchirapalli section. A duo was trying to spread the “word of Jesus Christ” and claiming that their illness was cured after they embraced Christianity. They were also recommended the passengers to embrace Christianity like them. To substantiate this, he attached a video clipping. He tagged the relevant railway officials on a social media platform, seeking action. Based on this, the higher authorities ordered the RPF to conduct inspections on the trains in the Chennai-Tiruchi section. “RPF inspectors at Villupuram station have been asked to travel on trains and identify these people,” the official said. RPF can only book these people under Section 145 of the Indian Railways Act which deals with committing nuisance or indecency or obscene language. It is to be noted that the act of proselytising is not illegal in Tamil Nadu. Madhya Pradesh or Odisha, there is a law against alluring a person for religious conversion. But in Tamil Nadu, there is no such legislation.
In the last one or two years, there were systematic and well-orchestrated plan to attack Hindu gods, Hindus, Sangh Parivar. Like his father Karunanidhi, DMK chief MK Stalin ridiculed the mantras in Marriage at a Muslim meeting. Her sister questioned the need for security for hundial (offertory) at Lord Balaji of Tirupathi. DK leader K Veeramani claimed that epic Mahabharat was the first one that institutionalised prostitution. Atheist Su..Ba. Veera Pandian, Sahayam IAS, writer Manushya Puthiran @ S Abdul Hameed have all made vitriolic comments on Hinduism.
Bishop Ezra Sargunam is known for his deep-rooted hatred for Hindus and a penchant for Church Planting. In a video clip that went viral on social media yesterday, he could be seen addressing a group of people and encouraging them to beat up anyone who claims that Hinduism is a religion. “There is nothing called as a Hindu Religion, Punch them in their face couple of times, make them bleed and help them understand the truth” – Bishop Ezra Sargunam, now you know why M.K.Stalin wants to uproot Sanatana Dharma. In the video clip, he tries to establish that Hindu religion doesn’t exist.
He says that during the time of the British, the census takers were confused as to who they can classify as a Hindu. A committee defined the identity ‘Hindu’ as someone who wasn’t a Muslim, Christian, Sikh or Buddhist.
“In Tamil Nadu, barring a few, the entire print and visual media is being controlled by Christian missionaries and Muslim outfits directly or indirectly. Majority of the journalists are staunch supporters of the Left with Dravidian ideologies. This is the reason why they hate Modi and BJP to the core. What is the government at the Centre and State going to do to stop this? Earlier Jayalalithaa Government had brought in Anti-Conversation Law but withdrew it fearing political loss at the polls. The Modi Government at Centre should enact a law to prohibit religious conversions in the larger interest of the country. Tamil Nadu is full of evangelists, anti-nationals, Muslim fundamentalists with unfettered power to perpetuate their evil designs. DMK and AIADMK had never taken any bold steps to rein them in fearing losing minority vote bank. After Jayalalithaa’s demise, they now come openly to stage their acts” warns senior journalist Padmanabhan.
In a nutshell, they make a mockery of Hindu religion; they deprecate Hindu gods; Tamil Kings are being denigrated; In the name of Tamil Nationalism, they try to sow the seeds of Secession. These are reminiscent of the earlier days of Kashmir.
Islamic State module busted in Coimbatore
The National Investigation Agency (NIA) unearthed an Islamic State-inspired module after raids in Coimbatore. The module appears to be larger, with three more people detained by the Coimbatore police on June 13 besides the six picked up earlier and being interrogated.
Of them, three youths had no previous criminal record, but their Facebook posts showed they had celebrated the Easter Sunday blasts in Sri Lanka. They were planning attacks on leaders of Hindu outfits in Coimbatore. Mohammed Azarudheen, leader of the module and a Facebook friend of Sri Lankan attacker Zahran Hashim, is the only one arrested so far. NIA is now questioning nine members of the module. The arrested are all from Coimbatore, suspected to have propagated IS ideology on social media to recruit vulnerable youth for executing terror attacks in TN and Kerala.
The FIR registered by NIA on May 30 named only six accused — Azarudheen, Akram Sindhaa, Sheik Hidayathullah, Abubacker M, Sadham Hussan A and Ibrahim alias Shahin Shah. On June 14, NIA made a second arrest in the case. Sheik Hidyayadullahm , is a resident of South Ukkadam was arrested based on facts., NIA team found documents in his house which show he is associated with banned Student Islamic Movement of India ( SIMI).
 Ashwini and her father Gangadharan
NIA had on June 11 said that Azarudeen, a tour and travel operator, was maintaining a Facebook page ‘KhilafahGFX’ through which he propagated IS ideology. Mohammed Azarudeen, 32, the suspected leader of Coimbatore-based Islamic State (IS) module which has links with Sri Lanka Easter Sunday terror attack mastermind Zahran Hashim, was produced at NIA Court in Kochi on June 13. It is learnt that they planned to carry out serial bomb blasts in Coimbatore similar to what they did in 1998 in which 58 were killed. Police seized mobile phones, 29 SIM cards, 10 pen drives, 300 air gun bullets from them. On June 15, NIA arrested three more persons namely, A Mohammed Hussain (27), and A Shahjahan (27) of Ukkadam and Y Sheik Shafiullah (35,) Karumbukkadai. They are all medical representatives. Shafiullah is the younger brother of Y Sheik Hidayathullah, who was arrested by the NIA on June 14. They were involved in recruiting youth for ISIS through social media campaigns and were also planning terrorist attacks in Coimbatore city on a big scale.
Love Jihad
 Ashwini and her father Gangadharan
Besides the functioning of IS module, conspiracy to stage serial bomb blasts, another most worrying development in Coimbatore and surroundings, is the rise of love jihads. Gangadharan, who runs an eatery, has on June 13 urged the intervention of Police Commissioner to find out the truth behind the suicide of his daughter, who he had claimed was a victim of ‘love jihad.’ After submitting a petition to the Police Commissioner, he told reporters in Coimbatore that his daughter Aswini, a first-year B.Com student in a private college, (Narayna Guru college), was reportedly in love with a Muslim student, who wanted her to convert to Islam. Ashwini had been receiving threatening messages from Jaffer before his visit. Flanked by Hindu Munnani activist and advocate Sridhar Moorthy, Gangadharan claimed that his daughter committed suicide on April 25, after Jaffer scolded her. Accusing the local police station of not taking action against their complaint, he said that as a last resort he had approached the Commissioner seeking justice for his daughter, a victim of ‘love jihad’. He also alleged that there was a gang of Muslim students who target Hindu girls for love jihad. He said that there more Muslim male students and lesser girl students in co-ed colleges. There are five or six students who come from a very low-income family targeted and enticed rich and beautiful girls with love proposals. The gullible girls fell to their trap quickly. One student gifted a diamond ring worth Rs. 30,000. Where he got the money? How could they come to high-end vehicles, spend lavishly for girls?
Campus Front of India, a student wing of Popular Front of India, is funding them to convert Hindu girls into Islam. And police is not taking any action on them.