Rahul Gandhi busy playing with phone, snubs President Ram Nath Kovind during his joint address to Parliament and stops his mother from applauding in appreciation of Surgical Strikes
Congress president Rahul Gandhi was seen busy with his phone during the joint session of the Parliament today when President Ram Nath Kovind was making important announcements in his address
In a big embarrassment to the Congress, the party president Rahul Gandhi raked up a controversy by snubbing President Ram Nath Kovind’s joint address of the parliament on Thursday.
Rahul Gandhi was caught on camera during the president’s address, seen browsing his phone. He continued to scroll down through phone and type messages for about 24 minutes of President Kovind's one-hour speech.
Rahul Gandhi did not even bother to applaud the speech of the President. He was also seen clicking photos and talking to his mother Sonia Gandhi for several minutes while President Kovind discussed key achievements of the Modi government in the past five years.
Showcasing utter disrespect for the parliament and the president, Rahul Gandhi was caught on camera stopping his mother Sonia Gandhi when she applauded in appreciation of the Uri-Balakot surgical strikes. When the president mentioned the surgical strike, the entire House broke into a loud round of applause. But Rahul Gandhi chose to keep staring at the floor without showing any enthusiasm in the proceedings.