Nearly 500 stranded Punjabis rescued by Modi government in the last 6 months from Saudi Arabia; It is our second birth say survivors of the ordeal

Modi government has rescued nearly 500 Punjabis from various parts of Saudi Arabia. They were stranded there due to issues with their Visa and ill treatment by their employers. 
Roop Lal, Karamjit Singh, Surinderjit Singh, Lushu Ram, Kulwinder Singh, heaved a sigh of huge relief as soon as they reached their homes in Jalandhar on 19th June. They were stranded in various parts of Saudi Arabia due to issues with their Visas and ill treatment by their employers. After they reunited with their families, the survivors thanked former external affairs minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj, General VK Singh, MLA Rakesh Rathore among others for having helped them to reach back home safely.
Surinderjit Singh and Karamjit Singh who are residents of Sant Nagar in Jalandhar recalled their ordeals on the occasion. They said that they had almost lost hopes and hence they see their return as their second birth. Surinderjit was stranded in Saudi Arabia's Riyadh and Karamjit in Jeddah. They lived in extremely poor conditions and were rendered moneyless. The conditions of many Indians too are pathetic with zero health care and are almost treated like prisoners, they said.
General VK Singh had camped in Riyadh to ensure that the embassy there handles all such cases. Consequently, the Indian officials traced them and provided them with Visas and other required facilities. The Indian government not only ensured their safe return to India but also saw to it that they reached their hometowns. All required arrangements were made by the government itself. Roop Lal said that if not for the efforts of Modi government and cooperation from the ministry of external affairs, it was next to impossible to return. All those who returned were of the unanimous opinion that this never happened earlier. 

BJP Jalandhar unit welcomed all those who safely returned from Saudi and reunited with their families 
Jalandhar District BJP President Raman Pabbi welcomed all those who retruned to Jalandhar from Saudi and thanked Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Rajya Sabha MP Shwait Malik and MLA Rakesh Rathore for having played an important role in the return of 450 Punjabis. Each and every Punjabi family is thankful to them and the Modi government for ensuring their return he said. Punjab Youth BJP Media incharge Ashok Sarin Hikki said that the Modi government has proved that it is only to serve the people of the country that his government is in power. He said that the in order to serve the people, the PMO, External Affairs Ministry and Punjab BJP understood the pain and anguish of the Punjabis stranded in Saudi and their families and worked as if it was their own kith and kin.