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The ancient Indian Medical Systems, Yoga and Ayurved, have brought panacea to the ills of modern lifestyle diseases
Yoga has been from time immemorial a part of the lives for Bharatiyas. Ashtanga Yoga has been practised by many to reach the ultimate goal in life. However, Dhyana, Pranayama and Asanas have been an integral part of those who wish to lead a healthy life. Yoga gained prominence in the last century due to doyens like BKS Iyengar and many other Yoga gurus and its acceptance worldwide has been only increasing each year. International Day of Yoga envisioned by PM Modi has only made Yoga touch the lives of those who never practised or heard about it during the last 4 years. Fundamentally Muslim and Christian countries too have also adopted given the health benefits Yoga accrues for its citizens.
Today, Yoga Therapy is a huge field in the medical world with doctors the world over recommending Yoga as a cure for many diseases. While practitioners and doctors of traditional medicinal systems like Ayurveda readily resort to Yoga as a therapy, doctors of Western medicine too have been recommending Yoga to their patients as cure or relief for many chronic ailments. This has been proven with facts and studies on patients who have suffered from many ailments.
Dr Swathi, Assistant Professor and Medical officer at Swami Vivekananda Yoga University (SVYASA), who also teaches Naturopathy and Yogic Science has done extensive research on therapeutic yoga. She herself has handled patients who were suffering from several chronic diseases like Asthma, Arthritis, kidney ailments and many others. Dr Swathi spoke to Organiser and provided information on patients, detailing their ailments, yoga routine they followed and the cure they found.
Cure for Pancreatitis and Asthma
Vivek was suffering from Chronic Pancreatitis and was in pain. This is an inflammation of the pancreas which results in calcium stones and cysts in the pancreas which can block the duct, or tube, that carries digestive enzymes and juices to your stomach. The blockage may lower the levels of pancreatic enzymes and hormones, which will make it harder for the body to digest food and regulate blood sugar. This can cause serious health problems, including malnutrition and Diabetes. Vivek was also suffering from Bronchial Asthma which causes the airway path of the lungs to swell and narrow. Due to this swelling, the air path produces excess mucus making it hard to breathe, which results in coughing, short breath, and wheezing.
Yoga Therapy: Dr Swathi informed that Vivek had taken medicine for the above complaints for 6 months but the pain had not reduced. It was then he approached SVYASA and registered for integrated therapy. Dr Swathi recommended a set of asanas, pranayama and meditation. Under guidance, Vivek underwent therapeutic yoga for 3 weeks. After practising meditation, pranayama, yoga asanas and breathing exercises daily, the abdominal pain due to Pancreatitis had reduced gradually. The same therapy also helped him in reducing the symptoms of Bronchial Asthma.
Cure for Chronic Kidney disease (CKD)
Rajan was suffering from Chronic Kidney disease. Despite medicines the symptoms of CKD did not reduce and he continued to suffer from abdominal pain, back pain, diarrhea and fever. His Creatinine level had reached 6.9 mg/dl. He then approached SVYASA for therapy.

“I have been interested in Yoga since my younger days. I developed interest in yoga after seeing a Yoga practitioner in a Padmasana pose in a book. After marriage I had to face new circumstances. The difference between my mothers house and husbands house seemed like a problem initially. I used to lose patience while at work. I had to come out of all these mental disturbances. Subsequently I started regular practice of Yoga in 1989. Yoga brought tremendous mental strength in me. I lost my mother, brother and sister-in-law in an accident. If not for my regular practice of Yoga, I would not have come out of the mental trauma caused by this incident”
Yoga Therapy: Rajan was advised a daily routine of Yoga asanas and a strict renal diet. Specific Yoga asanas for kidney ailment was recommended to be done under supervision. After two weeks of Yoga therapy, his creatinine reduced to 4.5mg/dl and his hemoglobin had also improved.
Dr Swathi is confident that with continued practices both Vivek and Rajan will be cured of their ailments soon. Diet, of course, is a mandatory part of the therapy, she says. Yoga coupled with diet and lifestyle changes can work wonders on one’s body. Discipline and regular practice is also an ingredient for a healthy life, says Dr. Swathi.
A Divine Cure
Rashtrotthana Yoga Centre is another premier Yoga coaching and therapy institution in Bengaluru. Started as a project to popularise Yoga and healthy lifestyle among the citizens, Rashtrotthana Yoga has become a brand with several branches across the city. Today, many patients approach Rashtrotthana Yoga to cure themselves of many diseases, most of which are lifestyle related or chronic in nature.

“I had a heart attack in 2010. It was after this I was suggested to practice Yoga by the doctors. I had another heart attack in 2011 again. Four of my arteries were blocked and I survived only by a miracle. After this, I have been practicing Yoga for the last 8 years. I do Pranayama, Surya Namaskaara every day. My practice of Kapalabhati is the reason that I was able to recover from heart attack say doctors themselves.”

“I sffered from nervousness, knee pain and back pain. I found it difficult to even cross the road. Sitting itself was painful. I then attended regular yoga therapy classes and completed junior and senior sessions. After undergoing Yoga therapy for 6 months, I am relieved of knee pain and back pain.”
“I was suffering from severe joint pain in the knee and leg. I had arthritis which was in the beginning stage. I had difficulty in even performing yoga initially. However, after regular practice joint pain reduced gradually and am feeling much better. This improvement happened in just about 20 days. Now I am graduating to much difficult asanas and arthritis is no longer a hindrance.”
“I have been practicing Yoga for the last 18 years. Diabetes is a disease that runs in our family for generations. Being aware of this, I started to practice yoga so that I could avoid being affected by it as long as possible. My brothers and sisters were diagnosed with Diabetes before they turned 40. But my practice of yoga ensured that I was not affected till I was 68. I have been detected with diabetes only from the last 6 months. My blood pressure is under control.”

Lalitha “I was suffering from genetic arthritis since 2015. Walking itself was difficult. I had a teacher come home and teach Yoga. However, after a year I joined Yoga Therapy classes at Rashtrotthana. When I started Yoga here doing the asanas and even sitting down was very painful. But continuous practice of Yoga, under the guidance of experienced instructors, my pain has subsided by almost 95%. I walk now with ease and without any pain. I even went on a tour of foreign countries and did not face any issues with arthritis. Hence I believe that daily practice of Yoga will ensure that our joints are healthy.” “I started practicing yoga when I turned 35, the reason being diabetes and blood pressure. Doctors informed me that once I was affected by them I would have to be under medications for life. I being from a village, was both surprised and scared to know that I was afflicted by diseases which could not be cured lifelong. I thought that science had progressed so much I doubted the doctors who said that there were no medicines that would cure such diseases. Hence I consulted other doctors who also said the same. Few of my well-wishers suggested that I start Yoga. I was able to find a difference in the first six months itself. Since then to this day I have been practicing Yoga and I do not take any medications for blood pressure and my diabetes is under control too.”
 S Asha Jyothi “I had problem with circulation of blood, thyroid issues, pain in the heels, burning feet, back ache and breathlessness. Regular practice of Yoga and undergoing therapy here has solved almost all my health issues. I followed a strict diet and few natural supplements to improve my condition. A good instructor, proper diet, mudras along with asanas are the key to finding the solutions to our health problems.”
Sharadamma “I suffer from insomnia, high blood pressure and pain in the joints due to which I was unable to even sit down. Regular practice of Yoga for the last 3 years, I was able to resolve all my health issues and am leading a healthy life now. Today, I can sit down comfortably and also perform most of the asanas.”

“I came to yoga therapy classes with severe back pain and could not walk. I had no flexibility and my body was very stiff and was always in pain. My disc had a bulge which was causing the problems. By practice of yoga, my pain has reduced and am able to perform the asanas. My body has become flexible. A good tutor was the key. Yoga has made me both physically and mentally fit. It has improved my sleep too. Yoga has helped me lead a very healthy, happy life and become a strong human being.”

“I started to suffer from Asthma from a young age. Doctors told me that I had to leave Bengaluru if had to be cured. My mother who was earning from tailoring was not in a position to move away from the city. It was then a doctor suggested that I try Yoga. My Asthma came under control after I practiced Yoga for few years. But I stopped doing Yoga after this. Asthma returned again after some years. My weight increased to 89 Kgs causing untold problems. I used to take injections regularly to bring waist pain under control. I started Yoga again in 2007. I reduced 30 Kgs in 6 months. I was soon cured of Asthma too.”

“ I have been practicing Yoga from the last 5 years. I was so engrossed in my daily work that I had not time for anything else. I resorted to Yoga only to explore the other side of life. Yoga changed me as a person drastically as I become more tolerant towards happenings in life. I started to take life as it comes. I was a person who always thought about my own welfare but Yoga turned me into a person who thinks for the betterment of the society. It would not be wrong to say that Yoga can change the society like it changed me by making people think for the welfare of the society rather then themselves alone.”
Nagendra Kamath, Director of Rashtrotthana Yoga Centre spoke to Organiser on his experience with Yoga Therapy and the success it has found with patients for a verity of ailments. He says Yoga has cured practitioners of ailments like thyroid, breathlessness, knee pain, spondylitis, genetic arthritis and many others at Rashtrotthana Yoga.
Several practitioners of Yoga and those who are undergoing therapy at Rashtrotthana Yoga shared their experiences with Organiser. They spoke about their ailment, Yoga therapy and the change they found in themselves. Some of these reactions are below:
(With inputs from Vrushank Bhat)