Murderous attempt on Bajrang Dal karyakarta by Jihadis in Bayaru town of Kasargod, Kerala; Case filed against 6 Muslim youth
Niyaz, Khalil, Siddique, Nawaf, Abid and one other person have been charged with attempt to murder of a Bjarang Dal Sanchalak in Bayaru of Kasargod in Kerala. This adds to the list of hate crimes perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists in recent weeks all over India. Despite the region being under the gaze of Jihadis, the Kerala police and government seem to be willfully turning blind to the Jihadi crimes.

Bajrang Dal Mandala Sanchalak of Bayaru Prasad was attacked by 6 Muslim youth on Friday last
Bajrang Dal’s Mandala Sanchalak of Bayaru in Kasargod, Prasad (28) was attacked by Jihadi elements in an murderous attempt.Prasad is a resident of Kojappe village in Bayaru. The incident happened on 7th June when Prasad was overseeing the stores adjoining his house.
On June 7th, at around 8.15PM, Prasad was engrossed in maintenance of the stores which he runs in the premises of his house.Suddenly, 6 Jihadis armed with swords, daggers and metal rods came in two motorbikes. They first attacked Prasad with rods but as he attempted to escape, they attacked with swords and inured him seriusly. Hearing the commotion, residents of the nearby houses came out after which the bike borne Jihadis sped away.
Prasad had sustained grievous injury on his knee and was admitted to an hospital in Puttur. Superintendent of Police, Circle Inspector, Sub Inspector and other senior officers arrived at the location the next day and took stock of the incident. The village has been given security by the police.
Manjeshwar police have registered a case of attempted murder against 6 Muslim youths for trying to kill Prasad. The police registered the FIR against Niyaz, Khalil, Siddique, Nawaf, Abid and one other person based on the complaint filed by Prasad.He has also identified that 4 among these are residents of Bayaru and 2 are residents of a nearby village Mittanadka.
Sangh leaders takes stock of the situation
Pursuant to the murderous attack on Bajrang Dal’s Mandala Sanchalak Prasad, elders of Sangh and Bajrang Dal visited the spot and took stock of the situation. Senior Sangh functionary Sukumar Kojappe, Jagadish Kojappe, President of Paivalike Panchayat Committee Sadashiva Cheralu of BJP, General Secretary of BJP Subramanya Bhat Atikukke and others visited the village.
The leaders urged the police to nab the culprits at the earliest and also ensure that such incidents do not happen in the future that could disturb the harmony of the village. Panchayat Committee of Paivalike has also urged the police to take strict action against the Jihadis who are bent upon spoiling the social fabric of the region. The committee in its statement has said that Bayaru is a peaceful town and it is indeed sad and concerning that anti-social and fundamentalist forces have conspired to unsettle peace here. The onus is on the administration and the police to ensure safety and harmony in the region, said the Panchayat Committee.
Jihadi crimes increasing in the region 
The region bordering Karnataka and Kerala have been under the gaze of Jihadis elements for many years now. Many Sangh karyakartas, leaders and Swayamsevaks have been attacked by Islamic Jihadis in the recent years.

Bayaru, a town on the border of Kerala and Karnataka has witnessed hate crimes, cattle smuggling, perpetrated by Jihadi elements in the last few years 
Illegal cattle trade across the border, stealing cattle from Hindus, sometimes using force, alluring Hindu girls using Love Jihad, are some of the other crimes being committed by the Islamic fundamentalists in and around Kasargod. The Kerala Police seems to be in a slumber or does not want to antagonize the ruling CPM dispensation by acting against the Jihadi elements. Local residents of Bayaru say that this is not the first incident and these Jihadis are emboldened by the fact that the Police will not act against them.
Karnataka under Siddamaraiah as CM had given a free run to the Jihadis which resulted in the murder of more than 20 BJP and RSS Karyakartas over the 5 years of his disastrous tenure. BJP’s good show in the last years assembly elections and its massive in the Lok Sabha has dampened the efforts of the Jihadis elements in the region. But they are not silent and this attack is a testimony to the fact that they are only waiting for an opportunity to spread fear in the society. A non-performing coalition government which is more worried about its survival than governance has only given a fresh lease of life to the Jihadis in the state.