Tamil Nadu in the throes of Hinduphobic, secessionist and fundamentalist forces. Hurting Hindu sentiments and rich cultural heritage seems to have become the order of the day in the land of Raja Raja Chola.
Tamil Nadu has become a hot bed for secessionist and fundamentalist forces. They are enjoying unhindered free run thanks to failure of the administration, police and state intelligence agencies that are supposed to rein them with iron hand.
- TS Venkatesan

Muji Rahman wishes Eid Mubarak by hurting Hindu sentiments 
'Eid Mubarak' by hurting Hindu sentiments 
28 Year old Muji Rahman thought it prudent to wish Eid Mubarak by hurting Hindu sentiments. In a brazen act Muji Rahman had cupped and kissed statues of Hindu goddess in Thanjavur Big Temple. His shameful act came to light after he had posted the same on his Facebook account. He works with a food delivery start-up in Trichy. He along with his friends had visited Brihadeeswara Temple on June 5 and taken pictures of himself in inappropriate position with the statues. He had posted these pictures on his facebook account and had wished Eid Mubarak and made inappropriate comments on the statues.
The pictures went viral on social media and received widespread condemnation. M Rathinavel noticed the post and complained to the police about the act. Rathinavel in his complaint said that the pictures hurt religious sentiments of Hindus. Based on his complaint, the Cantonment police on 8th June arrested Muji Rahman on charges of hurting religious sentiments at a place of worship. He was produced before a magistrate court and sent to the central prison in Trichy.
Senior journalist Subramanian said the incumbent AIADMK government is concentrating all its energies to save the government and to complete the remaining term in office. “We have heard Muslim youths having unnatural sex with dogs, goats and cow. This time, this youth to fulfil his sexual urge has chosen the stone statue. He must be a pervert”, explained a Hindu Munnani leader.
Hurting Hindu sentiments seems to have become the order of the day in the state. Recently, in Coimbatore, an evangelist stood before the mega Siva statue at Isha Centre and shouted against Hinduism and praised Jesus.
Kabali Director's anti-Hindu, anti-Chola rant angers Tamil Nadu 

'Kabali' fame director Pa Ranjith's Hinduphobic speech has drawn the ire of the entire state 
The videos of Pa Ranjith making anti-Hindu comments are now going viral and creating ripples on social media. Addressing the public, Ranjith tried to alienate Dalits from being Hindus. He alleged that Hindus had grabbed land from Dalits. The government should grab the lands of all the Mathas and re-distribute them to Dalits. He termed Raja Raja Chola's rule as the dark times of the era and caste oppression was started during his time.
The vicious Hindu phobic statements of Ranjith hurt the sentiments of many Hindus, who took to social media to condemn his anti-Hindu remarks. They used the hashtag #PrayForMentalRanjith and strongly expressed their feelings against the director for creating a Dalits vs Hindu Mathas narrative. He says "As you (Hindus) worship cows as God, I am the one who eats God".
Rajnikant starrer Kabali director Pa Ranjith's controversial remarks on Hinduism and Raja Raja Chola have landed him in soup. Many vented their ire against him with trending #PrayForMentalRanjith on Twitter. “He also lies that lands of Hindu mathas were grabbed from Dalits! Creating a Dalits vs Hindu Mathas narrative is a breaking India work! Church is the biggest land owner in India after govt. Is Pa Ranjith having guts to ask government to grab the lands from Church and give it to him like he asks government to grab lands from Hindu Mathas and give it to him? Targeting Hindu religious institutions alone are toxic!" says Sai Ganesh on Twitter.
Religious fanaticism in the name of Politics 
Close on the heels of the blocking the conduit for foreign money for the so called NGOs, mostly Christian run, they have found trouble free alternative routes. Several political outfits have been floated and the money received through hawala and other means are funded to these parties. As political parties they can receive donations and they know how to fudge the accounts. To name a few, actor Kamal Hassan’s Makkal Needhi Maiyam, May 17 Movement Thirumurugam Gandhi, Naam Tamizhar Katchi Seeman etc. These are, alleged to be backed by Christian and banned Sri Lankan terrorist outfit LTTE. Thol Thirumavalavan's VCK's is being alleged to have the support of some Muslim fundamentalist forces.
During the Lok Sabha polls, in Muslim dominated Ramanathapuram and other constituencies, BJP candidates were not allowed to campaign. This made many in Tamil Nadu to think whether we were in India or in Pakistan. Prior to polls, special prayers were held for the defeat of the Modi Sarkar. Al most all Churches and in Christian religions congregations, it was stressed again and again not to vote for BJP. Muslim jammaths issued orders, a short of religious fatwa, to ensure defeat of the BJP. This could be one of the reasons minority votes en bloc went to DMK led alliance leaving one seat for AIADMK led front.
After the polls, in Tirunevelveli district, Muslim youths took out victory rallies on daily basis on bikes with Pakistan flag making rounds in public thoroughfare in a threatening manner. If questioned, it is their (Muslim league) flag. But there is a slight different between these two flags. Cine Director Pa Ranjit, a dalit, now distorts history and demean the King Raja Raja Chola and his achievements by making falsehoods. The king, he said, was instrumental in grabbing of lakhs and lakhs of lands from Dalits and sent them out of the kingdom. He is another Seeman on the coming who used to cheer his cadres by making unfounded lies.
Capitalising the government callousness and turning blind eye to the happenings and ground reality, the Naxals, ISIS sympathisers, the anti-national, fundamentalist and 'tukde tukde' fringe outfits are rearing their heads and sowing the poisonous seeds. Media does not attach importance to their acts, speeches, thinking they do not have merit to print or air. Media in Tamil Nadu has been working only to churn out news to damage BJP and PM Modi. Central Government should take immediate steps to crack down on anti-national, fundamental outfits and the media which supports them before the situation goes out of hand. Else, Tamil Nadu will become another Kashmir or West Bengal where lawlessness could become the order of the day.