Rahul Caught up in Political Maelstrom
 Rahul Gandhi’s shameless act of failing to apologise for having made scurrilous remarks against PM Modi, and the raging controversy over his dual citizenship has kicked up a political maelstrom
Hemant Padhya
The answer to the question ‘’ Who am I?’’ is given by our Vedic ascetics and scriptures in very simple manner saying ‘‘अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि’’¸ which derives from ‘‘अहं ब्रह्मास्मीति’’ meaning ‘’I am Brahma’’ or “I am a part or portion of Brahma’’, the infinite reality and unity of macrocosm and microcosm. The Shloka in Brihadaranyak Upanishad, the part of Shukla Yajurveda states:
‘‘ब्रह्म वा इदमग्र आसीत्, तदात्मनामेवावेत्, अहं ब्रह्मास्मीति।
तस्मात्तत्सर्वमभवत्; तद्यो यो देवानां प्रत्यबुध्यत स एव तदभवत्, तदषीर्णाम् तथा मनुष्याणाम्,...’’
Which could be interpreted as ‘’ "This (self) was indeed Brahma in the beginning; It knew only itself as, "I am Brahma". Therefore It became all; and whoever among the gods knew It also became That; and the same with sages and men…” - (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad I.iv.10).This spiritual Vedic philosophy to define the real and common identity of every human being in this universe is forgotten these days and the physical and social identity developed by humans has been adopted propagated, proclaimed and practiced by everyone.
The word identity means the distinguishing character or personality of an individual. There are many types of identities such as Personal Identity, Individual Identity, family identity, caste identity, ethnic identity, cultural identity, social identity, relationship identity, social and political identity, professional identity, status identity etc. Generally in our society, name is the first identity of male or female followed by family, caste, religion and so on. Your Individual Identity is a kind of bio-data of a person who may be known in the society by those factors. Identity plays important role in the society. In many case, identity has misused in influencing other people by individuals, organisations, institutions and political parties for their own selfish motives such as position, prosperity and progress.
Rahul Gandhi praying at a Hindu temple 
Proclaiming their the identity by politicians and political parties have become a new fashion in India today to gather the support and sympathy of different religious communities based on caste, class, creed, and ideology for their vote bank politics. So the fact that every soul in the universe is Brahma is forgotten, and politicians, activists, intellectuals and political parties have put on different costumes of distinctive identity and have started cat-walking on the stage of Indian politics to win their votes for power and political status. The National Congress Party led by Nehru-Gandhi (This Gandhi surname has no relationship with Mahatma Gandhi) dynasty has lost its authority over the voters due to its dubious policies on corruption, dynastic politics, offering of false promises, dirty politics and blatant misrule for over six decades which is pushing the Congress to the brink of extinction. As the 2019 general election is now around the corner, the Congress Party has started a campaign of dirty politics of Identity and false accusation against ruling BJP in their desperate bid to appease the Hindu majority that snubbed congress in the last election.
Randeep Surjewala claimed at the Brahmin conference on September 2, 2018 that Indian National Congress party is the political party who has Brahmin DNA in its blood After Somanath Temple listed Rahul Gandhi as non-Hindu, Congress Communication In-charge Mr Randeep Surjewala addressed the media and said that Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi not only belongs to Hindu Dharma but he is also a Janeu Dhari Hindu Kashmiri Brahmin and Shiv Bhakta. The Congress tried to prove the identity of Rahul Gandhi with partial truth and branded him as one of pure Hindu Brahmin to woo Hindu voters in Gujarat. How devote is Janeu Dhari Hindu Brahman Mr Rahul Gandhi is? How much does he practise and follow the tenets of Sanatana Dharma or Vedic Dharma? Those are the matter of research and intellectual debate but the world knows the truth what kind of Hindu Rahul is! The appeasement policies of Indian National Congress and its leadership are very well known. It would make anybody wonder how far the congress and it leader Rahul Gandhi go to fulfil their desire of power and vote bank politics after the claim of Janeu Dhari Hindu, Brahman and Shiv Bhakta Avataras. Would Rahul Gandhi ever declare himself as Topi or kufi or Taquiyah Dhari Muslim or Sunnat (circumcised) Dhari Muslim as he carries alleged Muslim/Parsi DNA from his Grandfather Jahangir who was a Muslim? Would Rahul Gandhi ever declare himself as Kushti Dhari Zoroastrian as he carries Zoroastrian DNA from his grandmother Ritibai who was an alleged Parsi lady? Would he ever declare himself as Cross Dhari Christian as he carries Christian DNA from his mother Sonia Gandhi who is a staunch Catholic Christian? Would he ever marry Dalit woman to qualify himself to be called a staunch Dalit for Vote Bank politics? We have to wait and see what happens on the political scenario of Congress party and its leadership in future!
The Congress is tired of playing their Dalit and Muslim vote bank politics as the effect is wearing off. They know that their political cards would not bring them victory any more. Congress has lost its political groundMost Indian political leaders, irrespective of their party affiliation, have a tendency to assume other religious identities especially before every election to appease religious communities based on castes, creed, etc but no one have seen or heard any of them ever put on such a show of religious identity of Parsis or Jews in India as they have no influence or clout as a significant vote bank. Mimicking of religious identity of religious group is neither a sign of respect nor is it a secular approach or a truthful expression of love and fraternity towards that community. It is nothing but hypocrisy for selfish political motives.
It has become a new normal for Dalit leaders to bash and insult Hindus. Do they realise it was Krishna Keshav Ambedkar who elevated a Mahar boy to an Ambedkar? Mr Randeep Surjewala also claimed at the Brahmin conference on September 2, 2018 that Indian National Congress party is the political party who has Brahmin DNA in its blood. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a molecule that encodes an organism's genetic blueprint. Mr Randeep Surjewala’s statement endorse that the Indian National Congress Party is now upper cast Brahmin Party as it has been administered and headed by Nehru-Gandhi Brahman dynasty who carried Brahman DNA. Now in this lineage, Rahul Gandhi, the crown prince of the Congress, is also a Bhahman with Brahmin DNA. The congress Party has now projected Rahul Gandhi with new identity tag of Janeu Dhari Hindu Brahman with Brahman DNA. The Janeu Dhari Shiv Bhakta is now given a new identity of a man with Brahman DNA which suggests that Rahul Gandhi is now transformed into an ardent Hindutvavadi Brahman for his vote bank politics. Rahul Gandhi’s and Congress party’s ‘identity propaganda’ is nothing but a marriage of convenience. Majority Brahmins and other Savarnas meaning upper class or higher caste community, who have been labelled as Hidutvavadis, Manuvadi, BJP supporters etc. by Congress. Dalit and Muslim and Hindus must be extra vigilant and cautious with their offer of temptation of financial help and reservation promises to different group of Savarna society.
Mr Randeep Surjewala should remember that President of Congress Mr Rahul Gandhi does not have just Brahmin DNA or just Hindu DNA as his Blood and flesh are nothing but a cross breed of mixed up DNA of alleged Muslim, Zoroastrian and Christian and probably Hindu accidently as his great grandfather Mr Jawaharlala Nehru claimed that he was Hindu by accident. Mr Jawaharlal Nehru, the great grandfather of Rahul and father of Mrs Indira Gandhi said,’’ I am English by education, Muslim by culture and just born as a Hindu by accident. This makes the whole Nehru-Gandhi dynasty accidental Hindus and Brahman and Congress an accidental Brahman party with accidental Brahman DNA. This statement of Jawaharlal Nehru raise the question on what kind of Hindu culture and faith he passed on to his daughter and grandchildren!
It is obvious that Congress and its leaders are tired of playing old Dalit and Muslim card of vote bank politics as the effect of them is wearing off. They are now certain that their traditional political card would not bring them victory in Indian elections any more. Congress has lost its ground over traditional pro-Dalit and pro-Muslim parties. Their anti-Hindu stand made them pay heftily in previous elections. Now congress has given up their hope to win the forthcoming general election depending on the support and votes of those traditional vote bank communities. So Congress might have seen the new rays of hope of survival in playing Hindu or Hindutva card so it has changed its fundamental principles and ideology of pseudo-secularism and decided to dump them secretly. Congress has now started playing Brahmin, Hindu and Hindutva identity card in desperation. Congress officials and Rahul Gandhi who abused, insulted, denigrated Hindu Dharma, Hindutva and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, have made a U-turn and started to take refuge in everything which is Hindu. While Rahul Gandhi, the newly identified and projected as Shiv Bhakta (an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva) by Congress, is on his pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar, Congress Leader Randeep Surjewala addressed Bharman conference at Kurukshetra in Hariyana. He has promised big Laddus (Sweet Balls) of special 10% reservation to Bhudev or Brahman Samaj(community) if they come to power in 2019 and he promised to setting up of Brahmin Kalyan Board with the bribe of financial help of over 100 crore rupees to Brahman community in return of Brahman votes. He also announced setting up of Bhagawan Parashuram Sanskrit University and three chairs namely after prominent Brahman Pandit Parashuram, Pandit Lakhmi Chand and Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma at M D University, Kurukshetra University and CDL University, Sirsa, respectively.
It would not be a big surprise if congress would offer such unlawful temptation and bribe to other Savarna Samaj like Kshatriya and Vaishya Samaj too to woo them to save the existence of dominant Congress Party same way they did to Brahman Samaj of Kurukshetra. Although Savarna Samaj is unhappy, disappointed and angry with Bharatiya Janata Party on the issue of SC/ST Atrocities Act, all Brahmans and other Savarna Samaj members must be cautious, careful and practical about the bribe offered by Congress Party. Rather than getting into the congress traps of an offer of special reservation for Brahman and other Savarnas or Upper Caste Hindus, they should work toward the complete abolition of caste, minority and religion based reservation and agitate against ruling and opposition parties as they are the culprits of developing and harbouring this unfair, unjust and undemocratic system of reservation for their vote bank politics. It must be a loud roar of Savarna Samaj to launch a nationwide anti-Reservation campaign demanding ‘’one class one help’’ for the poor and needy of India in education field, irrespective of their cast, minority status or religious affiliation. This Caste, minority and religion based reservation quota system in education and employment must be scrapped immediately and that must be replaced by a fair system providing common financial help for everybody on ground of economic hardship and circumstances for education and preference of admission in educational institution and employment in government sector must be provided on the basis of the merit, capability, ability and intelligence of the candidate and not on quota presently reserved by Indian Government based on caste, minority and religious status. This is the only way forward in India otherwise the atom bomb of Reservation which is dividing Indians into different caste, sub-cast, class and religion would lead in grave conflict and destruction in future. Such newly developed scheme would only resolve the burning problem of reservation which is causing grievous harm and damage to the unity and stability of Indian nation and provide justice and help to all poor and needy people of India. The well-intended legislation of Reservation brought into effect by parliament after Indian Independence to uplift the down trodden and neglected community in Indian Society after Independence for a required time scale, has been abused by individuals and political parties for their own interest and It has been extended and implemented time after time since seven decades. This unjust, undemocratic, discriminatory and divisive system has created big rifts and conflicts between Savarna Jati or Forward or higher class and Anuchit Jati or backward or lower class in last three decades as this reservation has resulted in big loss to the people of Upper Caste in college admission, employment and promotion and opportunities as the reservation is based on percentage quotas allocated according to different castes, tribes, religious minorities etc. The politicians from all parties of India must soon introspect, realise that Reservation system in education and employment is a silent political and social volcano in India and nobody knows when it will erupt to destroy everything in India. We all have to work to gather to resolve this issue before it is too late.
Mr Surjewal who chaired the state level Brahmin seminar in Kurukshetra praised Brahmins saying, “Brahmans symbolise Gyan, Bhakti, Maryada, Sanskar and Swabhiman. Indian Congress ke khoon mein Brahman hain. Azadi ki ladai ke pahale aur baad mein aapne bhahut yogadaan diya hain.(meaning Congress inherits the blood of Braman. You have contributed immensely in the freedom movement and post-independence era.) He referred to a great freedom fighter Mangal Pandey, a hero of The First War of Indian independence in 1857, Chandrasekhar Azad, one of the greatest revolutionary of 1930s, Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya, Indian educationist and congress politician, Pandit Motilal Nehru, and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the member of Nehru Dynasty who were Congress leaders and believed to be Kashmiri Pandits. It is strange that Congress endorsing Chandrsekhar Azad, a Brahman, as its own hero and claiming his Brahman blood in National Congress. Gandhiji, Nehru and the Congress always opposed all revolutionaries irrespective of their caste and religion and never supported them.
They never opposed his death penalty of those convicted Indian revolutionaries and they had never demand, agitated or pressurise British Government to change their death penalty to life imprisonment of martyrs Sardar Bhajat Singhji, Sukhadevji and Rajguru. It has been alleged that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was involved in getting Chandrasekhar Azad shot dead. None of the freedom fighter revolutionaries had direct or indirect connection with the National Congress. The revolutionaries including Subhash Chandra Bose, Maharshi Aurobindo Ghosh who once belonged to Congress, were also branded as terrorists by Congress, Gandhiji and Jawaharlal Nehru because the ideology of revolutionary who believed in armed revolution and achieving Independence by force differed from Gandhiji’s and congress’ ideology of non-violence, pleading, petitioning and begging. While endorsing the name of martyr Mangal Pandey conveniently for the identity of Hindu Brahman patriots blood relationship with congress, Mr Surjewal conveniently omitted the name of the greatest Brahman woman patriot and martyr of Indian Independence history Maharani Lakshmibai of Jhansi who was also a daughter of Shri Morepant Tambe, Marathi Karhade Brahman and she was a niece of Nana Sahib. The main reason for omitting the name of Maharani Lakshmibai from his Kurukshetra speech is to hide and cover up the widely known treachery and betrayal of Maharani Lakshmibai and other freedom fighters of 1857 by disloyal royal forefather of the leading congress leaders who was involved in hatching conspiracy with British which resulted in killing of Maharani Lakshmibai by British and to avoid the sensational shameful conspiracy event erupting again.
Leader of Congress party, who criticized and abused Hindus, Hindutva, Hindu nationalist organisations like RSS have suddenly transformed and identified as the Hindu friendly party with claim of having Brahman DNA in his Congress party and have started licking the boots of Upper class Hindus for banking their votes in desperation. The leadership and policy of Congress party who questioned the existence of Lord Ram, who dismissed Ram Setu as a ‘myth’, who claims to be the champion of secularism, who appeased Muslim and Dalits at the cost of Hindu interests, who considers Hindus as second class citizen and who declared that Muslims must have the first claim on national resources has now propagated that The Indian Congress is the party of Brahman, the upper class Hindus. Whom do you think you are kidding Mr Rahul Gandhi?
The under privileged and socially and economically deprived societies, who are identified as Dalits or lower caste or untouchables or Harijans and their members and sympathisers have taken a new additional identity of Ambedkarites from Dr. Ambedkar and his ideology. Dr Ambedkar was a great scholar, economist, social reformer and a distinguished lawyer who drafted the constitution of India with the help of other distinguished law experts and inspired Dalit Buddhist Movement. He was born as Hindu in Mahar (Dalit) caste but he was unhappy about the mistreatment and discrimination of Dalit caste or community by higher caste or upper class people of Hindu society. So he himself changed his religion to Buddhism in rage and prompted thousands of his Dalit Hindu brothers and sisters to adopt Buddhism, who were also derived from the philosophy of Vedic Dharma, Sanatan Dharma, Arya Dharma or Hindu Dharma. No one can dispute the fact of mistreatment, discrimination and segregation and suppression of Dalits in India for centuries. Their anger and opposition to such socio-economic discrimination are valid and just but to blame Vedic, Hindu or Arya Dharma and Brahmans only for this is unfair prejudiced and unjust.
Nowadays, it has become a new normal for Dalit leaders, intellectuals and politicians, activists and many non-government organisations to bash, insult and abuse all Hindus in print and visual media. Many of the leaders, intellectuals and politicians denigrate Manusmriti and Brahmans openly on news and print media. Do those Dalit leaders, intellectual, activists and politicians who abuse and spit venom against Brahmans ever imagine that a small school boy from a low caste Mahar community being a victim of social discrimination of that period would have ever become Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, the principal architect of Indian Constitution and the first law minister of India, without the help of his Brahmin teacher Shri Krishna Keshav Ambedkar who changed Bhimrao’s surname in school record to his own surname to get equal social status to his clever student Bhimrao? The Dalits, the followers of Buddhism who were given constitutional equality and special advantages along with Hindu Dalits after Independence still have the hate for Hinduism, Brahmans as well as Kshatriya and Vaishya, must think again and reconcile. Any hatred and abuses directed towards Brahmans applies to our Lord Buddha too as he was a Brahmin and Kashatriya as well. Those outraged hate-mongering Dalits should know that Lord Buddha had Brahman blood in his vein or in present political and scientific term, Buddha had Brahmin DNA as he belonged to Gautam Gotra, and his ancestral lineage derives from Maharshi Gautam.
Moreover, all Hindus revere, and worship Lord Buddha and consider Him as the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It would be wrong to say that Hindudharma has completely neglected Dalits or Sudras. The Dalit intellectuals and leaders have a mind set to accuse Hindu religion of untouchability for their political interest and gain to divide society. They forget that if untouchability is a cause of Varna Pratha and Vedic or Hindu religion, Hindus would not have accepted, revered and worshipped Valmiki, a Sudra, as Maharshi. Moreover, Maharshi Parashar, the father of Vedavyas the compiler of Vedas and composer of Mahabharat, was a Brahman, Maharshi and exponent of Vedas, would not fall in love with Matsyagandha or Styavati, a fisherwoman, and bore her an illustrious child with his DNA. Although Dalits were socially and economically persecuted by upper caste, there were many Hindu saints produced by Dalit community like Ravidas, Kabir, Namdev, Chokha Mela, Sant Kanhoputra, etc. The untouchability is a social evil wrongly linked to religion and Varnapratha. The Dalit leadership with the Ambedkarites identity should understand that any social or religious dispute, difference, discrimination and dissents must be resolved mutually and peacefully and cordially.
The problems cannot be resolved by waging war of abuse, wrong allegations, hate, accusations, hostile demonstrations and rallies, revenge, false propaganda, sectarianism and retaliation with teat for tat attitude from both sides if we all want to co-exist as Bharatiya or Indians. The hostile Advocacy of the burning of misunderstood Manusmriti and insulting Brahmans, Vaishya and Kshatriya and condemning Hindus, Hindu Dharma and its literatures on live television and in print media will not resolve the problem which our society is facing. Such acts will definitely add fuel to the fire and there will be no end to hostility. The present situation of Reservation politics in India is a serious wakeup call for the people of India irrespective of their caste, religion, ideology and political and intellectual affiliation and for all political parties irrespective of their identity, colours, thoughts, ideology and banners. They all must introspect and decide whether they want to make or break India.
Nobody can predict where the ‘identity campaign’ of the National Congress leadership takes them in its hunger to consolidate and win the votes by hook or by crook from different communities and other small and regional political parties in next election of 2019. The master plan of the Congress and all other opposition parties to form a united front with the only objective of defeating BJP and its alliance partners in 2019 is to be watched with great uncertainty and speculations. Just, wait and watch as 2019 election is approaching soon.
(The writer is a UK-based columnist & writes on Cultural-Political issues )