Families of victims of TMC terror invited to PM's swearing-in ceremony

In an unprecedented move the kin of the victims of TMC terror in West Bengal have been invited to witness Narendra Modi's swearing-in ceremony on 30th May. PMO has invited two members each from several families of the victims. With this invite the BJP and Modi have conveyed a message of solidarity with the families who bore the brunt of TMC terror. The invite is also seen as a message to the ruling TMC dispensation in Bengal that its politics of violence and intimidation will not go unnoticed.
Organiser has consistently reported violence during polls in Bengal under Mamata Banerjee where most of the victims have been supporters or workers of the BJP. More than 50 BJP workers and supporters have been murdered by TMC goons. BJP rallies have been attacked and top leaders too have not been spared. Even Amit Shah's last rally in Kolkata before the 7th phase polls was also attacked by TMC workers and members of their student union, leaving many injured. Between 2011 and 2018, the state witnessed the highest number of political killings. During other years too, it has consistently remained among the states with the highest number of political murders, mostly that of the workers of the opposition parties.
Anger against Mamata's brand of high-handed politics of violence and intimidation has been simmering in West Bengal for a long time. Fascism peaked during the polls when BJP youth member was arrested for posting a meme on Mamata on Facebook. In another incident, 3 people were arrested for just chanting 'Jai Shri Ram' when her cavalcade passed through a town. The invite to the families of victims of TMC terror is also a message against the fascist attitude of Mamata's government.
Son of Late Manu Hansda who was murdered says, "My father was killed by TMC goons. We are happy that we are going to Delhi. There's peace in our area now." Subal Das, whose father Bipin Das was also brutally beaten to death by TMC goons, said, "We will request Modi ji to ensure peace in our district."

Son of Late Manu Hansda who was murdered by TMC expressed happinees over the invite 
Local media has reported that all the arrangements including travel and lodging have been made for all the families. The state party office has reported that the members of these families will travel by the Rajdhani Express. While in New Delhi, they will go to the state party office and then they will be escorted to the ceremony, said the party communique.