Bhakt, Gaumutra and how hate for Modi is affecting Hinduism worldwide
What those who lampoon supporters of Modi as 'Bhakts' don't realize is that because of their pure hatred against a politician, they are deprecating a civilization their ancestors built with blood and sweat.

Couple of days ago a friend from Assam posted a story in which she was blaming modi for a local incident which ultimately turned out to be a fake news. I being myself couldn't resist replying to her story which lead to a long heated argument. She mentioned how she will eat beef and she doesn't care what religion says about it. I suggested her to make sure that the beef she's having was slaughtered legally as there are laws against illegal slaughter in most of the Indian states. I explained how maximum beef trafficked to Bangladesh is trafficked through Bengal and related facts.
Now she was turning a little hysterical and ultimately when I said that she was wrong about Sabrimala and she need to listen why, she dropped the bomb. "You are a bhakt, you won't get it." I totally lost it here. Reading thousands of tweets, hundreds of articles and watching innumerable videos; all down the drain. My entire research and line of reasoning discredited with just one word. Not only she took pride in her ignorance but demeaned my intellect just because I mentioned a couple of inconvenient facts. I never felt this frustrated ever before.
After I calmed down I started thinking about the entire episode and realized how "bhakt" has become a last line of defense for people who r bankrupt when it comes to logical arguments. It has become a medium of hate used by the desperate souls when they start losing the debate. Wherever you see word bhakt you will see a line of reasoning being dispensed by a Modi hater. Woke kids are increasingly using this word to justify their stupidity and ignorance. This made me sad, very sad. I'm a Mahadev bhakt and being called bhakt of a mortal is insulting to my entire belief system. I realized how this word "bhakt" have been strategically planted by the ecosystem to subtly demean Hinduism. They have made this word an abuse for this generation, effectively creating a sense of inferiority in Hindus. And it doesn't stop here. Words which were used by Pulwama terrorist are openly used by our woke generation. 'Gau mutra' jibes are frequently used to insult BJP supporters.
What these people don't realize is that because of their pure hatred against a politician, they are deprecating a civilization their ancestors built with blood and sweat. The scariest part is that I don't know whether this will ever stop or not. I really hope indians wake up before it's too late. They stop insulting people who are fighting for their own civilization. Hinduism is fighting a battle of survival and with such constant attacks, I'm afraid, we are not going to survive long enough.
I started supporting BJP because I was impressed by Modinomics, then I was disgusted by the opposition's Leftist propaganda and now I'm an unapologetic Hindu who will support anyone who can save my civilization from perishing. At this point of time, we can't afford a government which will lead to a civil war because of their blatant minority appeasement and Hindu hatred. And one more thing, #MandirWahiBanega
PS: #AayegaTohModiHi
(The article is a compilatin of tweets by @Ajeeb_n_garib)