Dear Mamata Banerjee, You should do to others what you would like others to do to you
Mamata Banerjee's shameful public conduct during the Lok Sabha campaign, her untrolled tantrums and uncouth abuses of PM Modi and BJP President Amit Shah, does not behove a CM of a state. By displaying such extreme behavior she has failed to be a role model for women holding responsible positions.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja 

Watching and listening to Mamata Banerjee in her last pre-poll rally I hung my head in shame as a woman.I am not going to say anything worse or .I just want to remind you a couple of your own statements. You want us to believe that you (and a few other CMs too) want Modi out because you want to save democracy and the Constitution. After listening to your hysterical babble and rant people like me want to save ourselves from people like you.
You perhaps forgot that you are chief minister-one would expect a CM to be more balanced-more constructive and not exhibit such rage and hurl abuses after abuses against the PM of this country. Thereby you proved that you can fall to such an abysmal level where no human being would like to be in.Women are more circumspect-more incisive-more objective, more refined and more controlled.As a woman I hung my head in shame because you betrayed the opposite-and shamed all women. And to think that you are a cm of beautiful and cultured State. 
You even stated that Modi has to be abused. Were you loudly thinking or were you making an excuse for your uncontrollable behavior? To me no body needs be abused. One need not accept another person and his or her actions but that does not justify abusing. Now just see how you feel.I am not adding any new abuses-because all the abusive words in the dictionary has been hurled at here is a sample.-you Mamata Banerjee is expiry CM, you are gooda, you need to be abused,you need to cross your arms hold your ears and do five sit-ups for every abuse which you hurled and which you licensed. You are selfish because you stated that you are living alone- have no family and hence do not realize what it is to share and to sacrifice. You are thus self-centered and inward growth.You need to be sent out of India. I feel you need to be slapped and your teeth broke- you are a goonda. 
How do you feel when you hear all this-they are just echoes of few abuses which you hurled at Modi.In fact even while stating you feel like slapping him-you demonstrated by lifting your right hand with palms spread and exhibited such fury.It is unbecoming of you and your position you hold.I channelized the echoes of only few abuses because as woman I cannot go further.To tell you the truth I feel sorry for you.Why this pend up anger-why this uncontrollable throwing of a tantrum. Normal adults and more especially those who hold responsible positions cannot let go like that.If under democracy you have the right to abuse the PM of this country-one whom millions have voted for –do I not have the right under democracy to call you a power hungry woman-Remember what you sow you will reap.I have been brought up not to abuse others-not to hurt and as far as possible, to try not to vilify. Power will come and go but the heart has its own rhythm which goes on nonstop –that rhythm shows that the heart is beating and the person alive. But if you lose your bearings with uncontrollable anger, vengeance and revenge that heart beating will lose its rhythm and then it is expiry. Modi is not an expiry PM that is what you have coined –democracy will have to test the beating of the hearts of millions through the ballot (not through violence) and that will decide whether Modi is an expiry PM-Not you. 
This is not the first time you as CM demonstrated fury and uncontrollable behavior. I give you three instances. As CM you once barged into a police station and ordered the police to release the men whom they have arrested rightly or wrongly. You as CM could have used the proper channels and procedures and get the men released. Why had you to exhibit such rashness and be undemocratic in your action? And you want us to believe that you want to safe democracy! When Mr. R.Kumar IPS was wanted by the CBI for investigation you rushed to his house and later sat on a dharna.Both these actions of yours again revealed how you are hasty-uncontrollable and lose your bearings. For an ordinary person one can brush it aside but when a chief minister exhibits such then it reveals something fundamentally and basically wrong.
You are a gifted person-you have talents and determination and above all a resolved why warped all that with such tantrums and extreme behavior which does not behove a CM and you fail to be a role model for women holding responsible positions.