Realise the Ideals of National Leaders

Dr Krishna Gopal speaking at the seminar in New Delhi
New Delhi: “We must analyse the past and think about the idea of India in the mind of leaders of the national movement like Aurobindo, Mahatma Gandhi, Savarkar, BC Pal,” said RSS Sahsarkaryavah Dr Krishna Gopal while inaugurating a seminar on the ‘Role of Intellectuals in Nation Building’ organised by the Group of Intellectuals and Academicians (GIA) on April 20 at Hansraj College of Delhi University.
Dr Krishna Gopal further said the national leaders lived a simple life dedicated to nation building and had highest of morals. They did not hoard treasures for themselves. Hence, the present intellectuals have the duty to bring back the morals and ideals of that era that has gone by.
Convener of GIA advocate Monika Arora stressed on healthy debate. She reminded the gathering of the ways in which certain intellectuals in Universities converted the temples of learning into bastions of secession and anarchy. The need of the present times was to remind intellectuals that their prime duty is to contribute to nation building in the spirit of nation-first. Referring to various government schemes, she stressed that the intellectuals should analyse the improved internal and external security situation in the country since 2014.
Associate Prof Dr AK Bhagi highlighted the relevance of the seminar. He urged the thinking groups in society to create an atmosphere for critical thinking. He said so far the Left has captured the intellectual space and only leftist ideologues were considered worthy of being called intellectuals. Groups like GIA have resisted this hegemony and tried to make a mark in the intellectual space. Over a hundred scholars from DU joined the seminar.