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Matured Patriot
Apropos (Sadhvi Prayga: The Candidature of Courage & Conviction), Organiser, April 28, 2019 Sadhvi Pragya should not be blamed for her earlier statement on martyr Hemant Karkare, because it was hardly possible for her to resist description of personal torture faced in our investigating-system where investigating officers are compelled to use inhuman tactics to make a young lady give statement according to requirements of political rulers. But Sadhvi on the next day proved to be a matured patriot when she rightly took another side of the picture by giving deserved respect to Hemant Karkare for his becoming martyr in fighting the worst Pakistan sponsored terror-attack on Mumbai. Fault evidently lies in our politically influenced investigating-system which can be corrected by probing allegations of torture alleged by Sadhvi Pragya to expose those on whose directions Maharashtra ATS is alleged for inhuman torture on her during her captivity during investigations.
Deciding the Future
Apropos (Why Vote for Modi), Organiser, April 28,2019, the picture put forward by the writer is a very holistic one which gives an insight into how the BJP guarantees a safe and sound vision for the country whereas the opposition blatantly continues to follow its policy of minority appeasement while playing divisive politics for their petty electoral gains. The economic policy of the ruling party is also based on the vision to empower the lower strata of the society by giving them equitable opportunities so that the people stand on their own feet rather than spoiling them with promises of doles and freebies during elections. The steps taken by the BJP during its tenure have been taken keeping in mind the intention of securing the interests of the people.
Ved Shinde, Nashik
Bring Modi Save India
Apropos (Modi: A Man of Action), Organiser, April 28, 2019, it needs no elaboration that Narendra Modi has the capacity to make India an economic and political superpower in the near future and restore its pristine glory. We should bring back Modi to destroy global terrorism and bring peace to the world; to destroy corruption the root of poverty unemployment and inflation; to promote industrial development and create wealth for the country and the people; to promote education and high moral character; and to promote full respect to woman and soldiers of India. Modi is needed because the parties which have ruled India after Independence have only looted the country and promoted terrorism to create a Muslim vote bank. Anandshankar Pandya, Mumbai
Tricky Economics
APROPOS (Manifested Errors), Organiser, April 28, 2019, the NYAY scheme, proposed by Congress party, reflects the party’s failure to understand the basics of Economics. It simply shows that the Congress, as always, makes economic promises without rationally thinking through the repercussions of their steps, in this case, the question which arises is that where is this enormous amount of Rs 3.6 lakh crore every year going to come from? With the Congress offering no possible explanation, the outcomes of such a scheme seem to be hyperinflation or reduction of private investment due to overtaxing. What could be more useful is to look at existing monetary schemes and make sure that they are implemented effectively without loopholes and the needy are the ones who benefit.
Ganesh datt Vaidya, Haridwar
Gandhiji and his Legacy
Apropos (Gandhi and Sangh), Organiser, April 28, 2019, the RSS always revered Gandhiji but a section of the politicians painted a picture in the society that RSS hates him. The article by RSS Sahsarkarayvah Dr Manmohan Vaidya clears various myths about the RSS and Gandhiji. The images of two pages from the ‘Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi’, published along with the article authenticate what Gandhiji thought about the RSS and how the RSS workers revered him. Many people don’t know that it is the RSS in the country which is truly following the legacy of Gandhiji. What Gandhiji said in his book ‘Constructive Programme’ in 1941, is now being practically done by the RSS across the country through about 1.50 lakh sewa projects. The spirit of self-confidence being generated among the deprived sections of the society by RSS workers is being done by no Gandhi institution in the country.
Soumya Saini, Delhi