Tolerating the intolerance of the liberals
We have tolerated those who raise anti-India slogans, those who take the side of a enemy country, stars who do not even condemn any terror attack, and a opposition which finds an internal conspiracy in every heinous attack. How then can India in itself become intolerant? Instead, India has become more tolerant by tolerating the intolerance of these pseudo-liberals.
- Aditi Sood
It was way back in 2014 that many people, including filmmakers, actors, politicians and some left-minded intelligentsia, started finding India, intolerant. They felt that India is not safe for their children and community. Their fear was justified in a way, as Dadri lynching happened. But them calling the whole nation as intolerant was not at all justified, I believe. Soon many questions were raised by the so-called liberal media that India might become a Hindu-dominating nation, with RSS now at the helm of affairs. What also followed was Muzzafarnagar and Malda riots, which were disregarded by the pseudo-liberals. Their only respite came as a taunt to Mr Modi over Gujarat riots in which many Muslims got killed. At that time Modi had asked for police force from other Congress states, but they paid no heed.
Cut back to 2014-15 in Muzzafarnagar and Malda in which several Hindus were being killed, but only a few dared to expose the poor law and order problem of UP and West Bengal government, respectively. This again exposed the pseudo-liberal media who only spoke about Godhra riots and not of Muzzafarnagar and Malda riots. Was this not selective coverage of the events which they resorted to?
Coming again to the events which took place at JNU in 2016, where anti-India slogans were raised. What sort of Azadi was the 'tukde tukde' gang asking for? The trio actually raised anti-India slogans, and if not sedition then what should they have been charged for? This event was masterminded in Pakistan, whose actuality was fulfilled by the JNU trio. One of them went to such an extent of calling the Indian Army in Kashmir, a rapist. Now mind you, Indian Army is not like that, how dare you could call it that. Do you even have the idea that if the Army would not have been there in Kashmir, then these women who are so shameful and dare to pelt stones at our jawans, would actually have been raped by Pakistani men day after day? Years passed by, after this stone pelting incident, and one day when Army literally got frustrated of them and in a bid to avoid any punitive action, they tied a stone pelter to their jeep and vacated the spot. Now, this was seen as a human rights violation. Amnesty International poked its nose, calling the Army as human rights violator.
Meanwhile, the issue of Rohingyas sprang up. Again so-called human right activists pleaded that Rohingyas be allowed to live inside the country. But this did not shake our government's resolve to counter illegal immigrants. Rohingyas were never our problem, neither the government had any moral duty to shelter them, because soon after the Myanmar government had given proof that they (Rohingyas) killed many Hindus and Buddhists, inside their territory. But they came and settled in illegal colonies and were given fake id's and ration cards, as they were seen as a perfect vote bank by some opportunistic politicians. Soon the politics of Hindu-bashing and minority appeasement started.

Soon after, the Valley was again in unrest after Burhan Wani was killed. This time it was school going girls, who pelted stones at our jawans. Later, at the prime time debates in newsrooms, celebrities were seen taking sides of stone pelters, supporting the demand of their so-called 'azaadi'. And then the final blow came in the form of surgical strikes inside Pakistani territory, in which many of their hideouts were targeted, killing many of the terrorists. Soon the opposition started questioning the validity of surgical strikes, of whether did it really happen or not. How stupid of them. Recently, we see Congress president appointing the man behind surgical strikes as his party's advisor for some internal security committee. What sort of double standards is this?
It was not only the opposition this time, but soon the leftists were heard singing the same tune. Here I would like to share one anecdote. Now left emerged as an offshoot of Communism, which aimed at establishing a stateless and classless society. It was also aimed at creating a dictatorship of the proletariat. But soon, it gave the world political Hitlers like Mao and Stalin, who dictated China and Russia, with their one-child policy and iron-fist rule, respectively.
Earlier this year, four 'urban naxals ' were arrested and sent to judicial custody on charges of hatching a plan to kill Prime Minister Modi. Then again, hullabaloo was created over their arrest by the left and the opposition, further exposing their double standards. When these four were arrested again by the present dispensation, then they become human right activists for the left and the Congress in particular. Over here, I shall remind everyone that it was Congress PM Dr Manmohan Singh, who once said that Naxalism is the biggest internal security threat that the nation is facing.
Recently, Pulwama faced a terror attack in which 45 CRPF soldiers were martyred. Shame on Bollywood stars who neither mourned our soldiers not condemned Pakistan. But why would they when they hire Pakistani actors and take pleasure in making money along with them even if it hurts the martyrs' families. The same stars are hurt and find the nation intolerant when their obnoxious movies are unable to release. But the same stars tolerate the cries of martyr's widows and children. Shame on such stars who do not mind serving food at a business tycoon's daughter's wedding, but won't speak a word for our martyrs. This attitude had indeed exposed your real character for me.
So, I ask the general public that if a nation can tolerate the intolerance of these pseudo-liberals like, i) students who raise anti-India slogans, ii) politicians who take the side of our enemy nation, iii) Bollywood and cricket stars who do not even condemn any terror attack, iv) opposition which finds an internal conspiracy in every heinous attack, then how can India in itself become intolerant? Instead, I believe India has become more tolerant by tolerating the intolerance of these pseudo-liberals.