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Devil Designated
Apropos (Devil Finally Designated), Organiser, May 12, 2019, nearly, two decades have passed since Masood Azhar, struck Bharat. Since then successive governments around the world have tried to rein in JeM terror but largely to no avail. It took just less than four years for the Modi Government to bring the Devil back to the Hell, from where Azhar hatched all his evil plans against Bharat. It is no mean feat, especially with the active support from the US, France and other allies. Now the Pakistani general and army dictators have nowhere to go, especially their all-weather ally China has left them in the lurch! Bharat cannot rest on her laurels, though a lot is yet to be done to rid the world of global terrorism.
Bhaskar Das, Kolkata
Devil back in Hell!
Apropos (A Global Terrorist & Beyond), Organiser, May 12, 2019, it is not enough if Masood is merely designated. It is essential to wipe out his evil infrastructure and shut down his hawala money conduits from getting it up and running ever again. Stringent action on international front is needed to be taken to bear down on the religious mullahs preaching violent Islam from mosques, madrasas and the whole shebang. As the terror strikes by IS inspired terror modules in neighbouring Sri Lanka has shown, Bharat is now virtually surrounded by a wide network of IS sleeper cells and operatives. The speed with which the Sri Lankan government cracked down upon terror cells on its soil is a case in point. India can learn a lot from the swift and decisive action the Island nation has taken to protect its citizen. We need to act swiftly.
Geetanjali Mishra, Lucknow
Salary to Temple Priests
It refers to the media reports about Imams and other staff in mosques of Delhi getting hiked salary from Delhi government. There is no harm if the same provision is made for the priests and other staff in temples of Hindus also. It is a bitter reality that priests in most of the Hindu temples especially in the smaller ones inside narrow streets spend life below-poverty line. It is ironic that the devotees usually search for coins of smallest denominations to offer at these small temples. A survey should be conducted throughout Delhi, and priests and other staff of the temples should be paid salaries equivalent to those being given to the Imams and other staff of the mosques in true secular spirit so that poor priests of temples may also lead a better life. SUBHASH CHANDRA AGRAWAL, Delhi
Remedy to get rid of Islamic terror
APROPOS (Trial Run for more Attacks), Organiser, May 5, 2019, it is serious for India as the Islamic terrorists intended to target Indian owned hotels as well. As a first step, Sri Lanka has banned burqa, as it is not possible to identify the person wearing burqa. In my opinion, India also should ban burqa. There is one more important point in my mind. When demand for creation of Pakistan was made in 1940 by Jinnah and Muslim League, Myanmar and Sri Lanka were part of undivided India. Jinha had clearly stated that after the creation of Pakistan as a separate homeland for the Muslims, there would be the complete exchange of population. This means that Muslims living in Myanmar and Sri Lanka are required to migrate to Pakistan and Bangladesh. Sri Lanka should expel the Muslims as Myanmar has expelled Rohingya Muslims. There is no other remedy to get rid of the Islamic terror.
Anand Prakash, Panchkula
Bharat under Modi
The BJP in its manifesto has pledged that it, if returns to power, would work towards establishing a “Comity of Nations against International Terrorism”. This shows the grit and guts of the party and makes it a party with a difference—what it says it does. Though terrorism and blood bath did occur, the Modi government was able to check it and suppress it with all its might unlike the previous governments which failed to curtail terrorism and nobody can forget the series of terrible terror attacks
that occurred in almost every part of the nation during those years. The BJP, once back to power under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi is sure to lead the nation as a front runner among nations to see that this pernicious menace is wiped out from the face of the world. Terrorism is an enemy of the
entire world and the whole world needs to fight against it collectively.
M PRADYU, Kannur