Sangh Shiksha Vargas in Tamil Nadu
Erode: RSS Sarsangachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat addressed the swayamsevaks at Sangh Shiksha Varg on May 6. Prior to the Sarsanghachalak speech, the shiksharthis demonstrated various skills learnt at the Varg including yoga, danda, niyuddha and gosh.
Shri Mohan Bhagwat addressing the swayamsevaks at Erode Varg 
During the visit to Erode, Shri Bhagwat also received blessings from Acharya Mahashrama the same day.
Meanwhile, the swayamsevaks undergoing training at the Varg in Vellore took out an impressive pathsanchalan, which was appreciated by the people by showering flower petals. The Varg began on April 21. A total of 175 swayamsevaks participated.
Shri Mohan Bhagwat receiving blessings from Acharya Mahashraman ji 
The Varg for students began in Rameswaram on April 27 with 241 students. Swami Niyamananda from Ramakrishna Tapovan blessed the shiksharthis. He highlighted the purpose of the camp, individual discipline and appealed to the students to utilise their precious time in good sense and insisted on implementation of good lessons learnt here in the day to day life. Only blessed people get a chance to attend such camps, he said. Prant Sewa Pramukh Shri Kamraj spoke on the objectives of the camp and introduced the sewa activities carried out by the swayamsevaks.
 A view of the pathsanchalan taken out in Vellore