Art for the Nation
Over 1000 artists, congregated at India Gate on May 4 from across the country, appeal to the countrymen to vote not just as a right, but as a duty as well
New Delhi: In a spectacular celebration of democracy, artists from across the nation congregated on May 4 at India Gate and communicated to the nation in one common language of art and expression. Over a thousand artists participated in a unique live painting for the country under the theme ‘Nation First, Vote Must’. They urged the countrymen, in their own unique way, to exercise their right to vote and make the vibrant democracy function. While the nation goes through the biggest event of democracy; the general elections, the event proved to be a wonderful way to put the important message across.
Artists from various parts of the country making paintings at India Gate 
The event also marked the birth centenary of Padmashri Dr Vishnu Shridhar Wakankar. The artists paied their tribute to him and remembered him for his contributions to the field of art and culture. The event was inaugurated by young artists who are going to exercise their right to vote for the first time.
Some of the key dignitaries who participated in the grand event were Shri Amrit Patel, Shri Jiten Hazarika, Shri Vijendra Sharma, Shri SK Sahani, Shri Harshvardhan, Shri Dharmendra Rathor, Shri Naval Kishore, Shri Suresh Sharma, Shri Asur Ved, Shri Narendra Pal Singh, Shri Rajesh Sharma, Smt Sunita Lamba, Shri Devendra Khanna, Shri Mangeram Sharma among several other prominent artists. The event also witnessed enthusiastic participation from many young and upcoming artists who uniquely expressed their love for India and reinstated a belief in the democracy. It was an appeal from the artist fraternity to the nation, to vote not just as a right but as a duty as well.
The event marked the birth centenary of PadmaShri Dr Vishnu Shridhar Wakankar. The artists remembered him for his contributions to the field of art and cultureThe beautiful collection of paintings spoke loud and clear, the common language of nation first. The abstract expression of ‘Nation First Vote Must' and the fabulous play of colour and strokes was an endearing way to express their support for the nation and an equal vigour to appeal the general public to partake in the biggest festival of democracy.
Urging the people, Shri Jiten Hazarika, an artist from North East India, said: ‘Art is best for expression, it’s a conversation between souls and hearts, I think our effort and initiative will appeal to the people in a lasting way”. Another artist said: “Democracy is a prized possession and it is our duty, as responsible citizens, to vote and ensure that India remains a valued stake for all of us.”