Modi Fever In America
BJP’s offshore campaign in America kicked off with a bang with a huge event organized by the Indian American Community for Narendra Modi in New York. The campaign coincided with the 39th Foundation day of the BJP. The campaign which witnessed large number of participants also saw participation of many community leaders of New York. The entire venue was in high spirits with chants of ‘Modi Bar Bar’, ‘Abki bar 400 par’ filling the auditorium.
 Jagdish Sewhani addressing the Campaign Kickoff event
Jagdish Sewhani, President of The American India Public Affairs Committee in his opening remarks said that 2019 elections are important in the History of Bharat. More than 900 million voters have to make a choice weather they want ‘Majboor Sarkar’ or ‘Majbboot Sarkar’. He said the voters have to decide between decisive leadership of Modiji or a leaderless Maha Gathbhandhan. They have to choose between dynasty and development, he opined. Sewhani said that the choice is very clear that people want Majboot Sarkar under the dynamic leadership of Narendrabhai Modi who in past five years has done so much for the country which Congress couldn’t do during its reign of more than 50 years.
Jagdish Sewhani, Pinki Jaggi , Jyoti Gupta, Bobby Kumar at the BJP Campaign Kickoff In New York 
Highlighting the achievements of the NDA Government under the leadership of Modi, Sewhani said that the government has given 70 millions gas cylinders to poor, constructed 80 millions toilets, 19000 villages have been electrified which is unprecedented. India has become a Global Power under the Leadership Of Modi and today it is among the top five economies in the world. Further India is safe and secure under the leadership of Modi, he said. Reminding the audience of the terror attack in Mumbai on 26/11, Sewhani said that the weak leadership of Congress didn’t do much. But under the decisive leadership of Modiji Pakistan was given a befitting reply to the terrorist attacks in Kashmir which killed 40 of our jawans. Pakistan was given a response in the language they understand, he said. Security of Bharat is top priority of BJP. A solid foundation has been laid by Modiji’s Government in the last 5 years and in the next five years, a magnificent structure will be created, he said.
Modi Fever In New York  
Mr Sewhani urged the Indian American Community to call, email their friends and relatives in India and tell them to vote for Modi. He requested them to use social media to reach out their friends in India. In this Maha Yagna they have to devote some time every day, he requested. Chants of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and ‘Vande Mataram’ reverberated throughout the program.

Virendra Patel, Sunil Modi , Gobind Bathija , Jagdish Sewhani , Dr Yashpal Arya, Anand Ahuja 
Others who spoke at the gathering included Bobby Kumar, Dr Yashpal Arya, Amba Sharma. Dr Dipak Nandi , Dr Raj Bhayani, Anime’s Goenka, Darshan Bagga, Pinki Jaggi and Jyoti Gupta.