Mamata a Speed-breaker in Development
Describing Mamata as speed-breaker in development of Bengal, PM says she is not interested in eliminating poverty as her brand of politics would come to an end
Asim Kumar Mitra
While lashing out at Mamata government, BJP president Amit Shah vowed that NRC in Bengal would be implemented and no power on earth could stop it. He argued that we have had enough of silent invasion by the infiltrators from Bangladesh. The whole of North Eastern states of India is the worst sufferer on this count and so long nothing could be done as the parties in power in those days were a confusing lot. It was a fact that they had not firm commitment on national interest. Hence, they could not take any strong action against this ‘silent invasion’.
Even after the order passed by Delhi High Court on September 24, 2004, asking the concerned state government to throw out @100 Bangladeshi infiltrators every day from Delhi. Unfortunately no government took any positive action to implement the Court’s order. Delhi Court further asked the government to submit a report of those 13 lakh people whom government had given pattas of land, about their settlement plans. But Delhi government on different plea avoided to submit that report. Then came the Assembly Election of Assam where BJP had successfully convinced the people of the state that “only a National Register of Citizen” (NRC) could solve the problem of infiltration. According to the old slogan of Assam “Ali, Coolie, Bangalis” were the sole enemy of Assam (Ali is Muslim, Coolie is Bihari and Bangalis are Bengalees).
Youth at PM Modi rally at iconic Brigade of Kolkata on April 3 
After the prolonged and rigorous effort of BJP workers, the people of the state could see through the dubious plan of Muslim to befool the local Assamese and making them anti-Indians. But it did not work. In the last Assembly Election the overwhelming victory of BJP had established the Nationalist Conviction of the people. Ramification of this sentiment had been noticed in the bordering states including the ‘Seven Sisters’ i.e. Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur and Tripura. After the victory in Tripura Assembly Election, BJP had washed out the long standing Left Front government of Tripura. Then BJP turned towards West Bengal. Although not included in the seven sisters’ category, it was worst sufferer of the dubious plan of Muslims by which they could fool the so-called secular Hindus as well.
Under the leadership of Amit Shah the village level cadres of BJP in West Bengal, went for a prolonged and rigorous training to instill new vigour and hope with ideological commitment at heart among the people of the state. At that stage, Panchayat Election was round the corner. The ruling party of the state Trinamool Congress (TMC) was up with arms. But the undaunted BJP cadres did not take back stage. They fought them on frontline. Unfortunately, more than 70 workers of BJP were killed by TMC and their goons. When the result of the Panchayat Election came, it was found that the BJP had won more than 37,000 seats in comparison to only 700 seats in last election.
BJP president Amit Shah made infiltration from neighbouring Bangladesh the focal point of his poll campaign and promised that the party would initiate National Register of Citizens exercise in West Bengal once the Narendra Modi government returns to office. “Narendra Modi government will assume power again and we will bring NRC to Bengal. We will pick out each of the infiltrators and drive them out. The Hindu and Buddhist refugees need not leave the country. The Citizenship Amendment Bill is our commitment,” the BJP president said at a party gathering held at Alipurduar in North Bengal on March 23, 2019. Shah held that infiltrators could not save the Mamata Banerjee government.
The bitter anti-Banerjee rhetoric, however, was missing in BJP’s 2014 script. Party leaders had then urged people to replicate at the Centre the ‘Paribartan’ they had brought about in Bengal in 2011. But this time the president took the Banerjee’s “Maa Mati Manush” slogan head on. Maa se Mamata chali gayee, Mati ghuspethiyon ko de di gayee, aur Manush himsa se bhai-bheet ho gaya (Mothers have lost their motherly affection, the land has gone to infiltrators and people of Bengal have come under a spell of violence).