Goti Thalambralu in South Ayodhya
– VSK Telangana                                      

Bhadrachalam: Under the auspices of Hindu Dharma Jagarana Samithi of Telangana, the Goti Thalambralu procession was organised in Bhadrachalam, also known as South Ayodhya, which have been the holy site of Sri Seetharama Swamy.
 Women as part of the Goti Thalambralu procession 
On March 21, many devotees took out Goti Thalambralu in a procession on the main streets of Bhadradri Ramalayam and offered them to Sri Seetha Ramachandra Swami Temple. During the past 14 days, the devotees, with faith and devotion, removed husks from the paddy with their bare hands to create the Thalambralu. These Goti Thalambralu will be used in the marriage ceremony of Sri Seetharama Swami, to be held on April 14.
In the village of Thogudu near Hanmakonda in Warangal District at Badradri, a worker of Hindu Dharma Jagarana Samithi, chanting the name of Rama, ploughed his land, sowed the seeds and harvested the crop. The paddy which was obtained from this crop was distributed to more than 40 Temples in 25 villages such as Kothagudem, Manuguru, Palvancha, Boorgampaadu, Hanmakonda, Jaanampeta, Yedoorlabayyarasm. At these temples, devotees using their nails created Thalambralu from this paddy. After that the devotees from these villages walked and reached Bhadrachalam in the evening of March 20. This way, more than 600 devotees participated in this auspicious event.
Over the past four years, Dharma Jagarana Samithi of Bhadrachalam District has been conducting this event under the guidance of Sri Vallabhaneni Nageswara Rao garu. Due to these events, the temples in these villages gained respect and also religious conversions have been reduced.