Certified Liar?
Another lie of Congress president Rahul Gandhi exposed. He lied about the summons in RSS defamation case in his affidavits filed while filing his nominations in Amethi and Wayanad. Complaint filed to Election Commission calls him a ‘Compulsive Lier’
Rahul Gandhi’s series of lies do not seem to end. After his lies on Rafale were exposed in the Supreme Court, it has come to light that the president of the Indian National Congress has lied in his election affidavits filed both in Amethi and Wayanad Lok Sabha constituencies.
It needs to be recalled that Mumbai lawyer Dhrutiman Joshi had filed a criminal defamation case against Rahul Gandhi and CPM leader Sitaram Yechury for defaming the RSS. Both Rahul and Yechury had made comments in public linking the RSS to the murder of Gauri Lankesh even before the investigation had begun.

On April 5, 2019, Rahul Gandhi filed his nomination for the Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency and on April 10, 2019 he filed the nomination for Amethi constituency. In his affidavits, in the nomination papers, Rahul Gandhi mentioned the details about the cases pending against him. The first case mentioned in the affidavit is the case of defamation (case no. 624/SS/2018) filed against him for defaming the RSS while speaking in reference to the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh. While answering to the question ‘Whether charges have been framed in the affidavit under section 5(e)’, Rahul Gandhi has mentioned ‘NO’ and provides a caveat saying ‘Process issued but summons not received yet). Now, Gurupreet Singh Anand, a resident of Mumbai, has showed that Rahul has lied in his affidavit as the summons in the case of defamation had reached his residence in Delhi.
“A Compulsive Liar”
Gurupreet has now written to the Returning Officer of Amethi and demanded strict action against Rahul Gandhi for deliberately filing wrong information in election affidavit filed in Amethi. Gurupreet, in his letter with the subject line: “Complaint against compulsive liar Mr. Rahul Rajeev Gandhi for deliberately filing of wrong information in Election Affidavit filed in Amethi” states that in the election affidavit Rahul Gandhi has stated on oath that:
A)He is aware of the case no. 624/SS/2018 because of Media reports.
B)That he has till date not received any summons regarding the above mentioned case i.e case no. 624/SS/2018 pending with the 25th Metropolitan Magistrates Court, Mazgaon, Sewree, Mumbai.
Consequently, Gurupreet states that the above claim of Rahul Gandhi is false as it has been corroborated through the courier tracking report that the copy of the summons were sent to Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s official address at 12, Tuglak Lane, New Delhi via India Post (Speed Post) on 29th of March 2019 and that the same was received at the same address on the 1st of April 2019 at 14:59 Hours. (See images on next page)
The India Post tracking report provided by Gurupreet clearly mentions that the consignment with no. EM193297365IN that was booked on 29th March has been delivered to the addressee (Rahul Gandhi) on 1st April, 2019 at 14:59.
Warrant against Yechury also in RSS defamation case
 Mumbai: A Mumbai Court, on April 23, issued bailable warrant against CPM leader Sitaram Yechury, after he failed to appear in the court in the case related to alleging RSS for Gauri Lankesh’s murder. After issuing the warrant, the Mumbai Metropolitan Court posted the matter for hearing on April 30. The Court was hearing a plea filed by RSS worker and lawyer Dhrutiman Joshi against Congress president Rahul Gandhi and CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury. The CPM leader had alleged that it was the RSS ideology and men who killed journalist Gauri Lankesh. Gauri Lankesh was shot dead outside her home in Bengaluru in September 2017. Shri Joshi claimed that these statements slandered the RSS, and therefore a case of criminal defamation under IPC Section 500 be registered against Yechury and Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi, through his lawyer, asked for inquiry against Mumbai’s Dadar Post Office, claiming he hasn’t received the summons yet, as a result of which the court granted him exemption till the next date of hearing.
“Hell bent on subverting all Indian systems”
Further after the summons were issued, Advocate Kushal Mor appeared for the accused Rahul Gandhi in the case 624/SS/2018 on April 5, 2019 as per the Roznama (Court Register with all details of proceedings) of the 25th Metropolitan Magistrates Court, Mazgaon, Sewree, Mumbai. A ‘Vakalatnama’ on behalf of Mr. Rahul Gandhi has also been filed in the same court on April 5 by his lawyer. The Roznama (see image) for the April 5, 2019 lists the details of the case being heard on the day at the Metropolitan Magistrates Court, Mazgaon, Mumbai. It is clearly visible that the case Dhrutiman S Joshi Vs Rahul Rajeev Gandhi and Others has been listed in the court of Shri PK Deshpande.

Gurupreet says in his letter that these prove beyond doubt that Rahul Gandhi was ‘completely aware of the summons issued against him but is deliberately making false statements on oath in various affidavits filed with election commission including this Amethi Constituency.’ Gurupreet in his letter says “Mr. Rahul Gandhi is hell bent on subverting all Indian systems like the Election Commission’s office, the Judicial System and defence forces through his false and defaming statements. There is also a likelihood of breach of peace and communal harmony in view of his derogatory and provocative statements made in respect of the RSS.” He urged the returning officer, “In view of the above I, the undersigned, request you to take strict action against Mr. Rahul Rajeev Gandhi as per law.”

I have come to know from sources that Shri Sitaram Yechuri is trying to get his arrest warrant canceled. If he had appeared before the Court on April 22, he would not have required to do it. He will have to appear before the court on April 30. We have pleaded the honourable court to punish the guilty for the irresponsible remarks that he has made against a nationalist organisation, RSS” — Dhrutiman Joshi, PetitionerAdvocate Dhrutiman Joshi, complainant in the RSS defamation case against Rahul Gandhi and Sitaram Yechury, spoke to Organiser and said that Rahul Gandhi has lied to the top democratic institutions in the country. “The summons in the case were sent from Mumbai post office to both Sitaram Yechury and Rahul Gandhi. The India Post tracking order clearly says that the parcel was received at his address on 1st April. The affidavits in front of the returning officers were filed on 5th April in Wayanad and on April 10 in Amethi and in both the affidavits he has falsely claimed that summons have not been received. This is a blatant lie,” he says.
Dhrutiman further informs that “now they are claiming that even the India Post tracking report to be false. He has already lied to the Election Commission and now is questioning another institution, India Post. I suspect that by lying he is buying more time till the results of the elections and not respond to the summons where he is expected to be present in person to defend himself”, tells Dhrutiman. He has written to Chief Election Commissioner in New Delhi and expects the returning officers will take action as per the Representation of People’s Act since he has lied.
While we wait for the returning officer at Amethi and the Election commission to act, it is also time that Rahul Gandhi comes clean on these charges. After facing ignominy in the Supreme Court for his comments against Rafale, he may have to face humiliation in the people’s court if he tries to simply brush aside the charges.