Begusarai will vote for development and against anti-Nationals. Here's why
Begusarai which goes to polls today has been overwhelmingly in support of PM Modi and his developmental initiatives, especially women centric schemes. The constituency was regularly highlighted in certain sections of the media as tukde-tukde gang mascot Kanhaiya Kumar is also contesting from here. The voters have made their choice for development and growth and against anti-Nationals.  Here is what women and first-time voters think as they went out to vote today.

Women are overwhelmingly supporting PM Modi and his initiatives 
The constituency of Begusarai goes to the polls today where Giriraj Singh is contesting for the BJP whereas the mascot of tukde-tukde gang Kanhaiya Kumar is contesting on a CPI ticket. While the BJP is banking on its welfare projects and women-led developmental schemes, the CPI is focused only on anti-Modi rhetoric and Hindutva bashing. Kanhaiya Kumar has received support from the whos-who of the tukde-tukde gang, Congress and the usual suspects of the anti-Hindu brigade. The BJP has received overwhelming support from the people of the constituency especially the women and the first time voters.
Kausalya Devi, 63 who cast her vote today says that women have benefited from many schemes of Modi government and will support him again. "Having witnessed the women-centric welfare and development of Modi Ji which has changed our lives, I will always support Modi. Electricity has made life easier especially for the women folk. Mudra yojana has benefitted women like never before. I am sure the nation and its women folk are in safe hands and hence I want Modi to become PM again", says Kausalya Devi. Many women to whom this corresponent spoke to esposued similar views indicating the enormous support PM Modi enjoys among the voters of Begusarai.
The first time voters too expressed their opinion and are unanimous about nation's security and development being the twin issues for them to cast their vote. Putul Kumari, 24, who is casting her vote for the first time says if the security and development of the country are the criteria then it is clear as to whom we should vote for. 
"I have voted for the first time and I feel elated that I voted for the BJP. I think that it is the only party which is working for the welfare of the country. In these 5 years Modi has taken the country forward in all aspects, something the Congress could not do despite being in power for many decades. Our Hindu culture was almost lost and people had forgotten their identity. They were ashamed to talk about their Hindu identity and avoided speaking about it in public. But today people are openly supporting Hindutva and this resurrgence has been possible because of BJP and Modi", says the young voter. Touching upon the other issues which will decide the voters preferences, Putul Kumari says, "Our country exists because of our Army or else we will cease to exist. If there is someone who is working for them, then it is Modi ji. No government has done as much to the Army as done by Modi. The response to terrorism by Modi ji's government has been unprecedented and terrorists are in fear because of that. If Modi ji comes back to power again, am sure the issue of terrorism will find a solution once and for all." 
She concludes by saying, "People should be aware that whether it is about security or about the development of the country, there is no alternative to Modi. Yes, there are a few of those so-called literate people who foolishly speak against Modi and work against him. But if we all think about the welfare of the country it will be clear as to which kind of government the country needs and who should become the PM. The answer to this is only a BJP led government and with Modi as PM. This election is a test for people if they will choose a patriot working for the country or an anti-National". 
BJP's candidate from Begusarai Giriraj Singh says, "BJP will win here becasue the Women of Begusarai are voting for the party." He also told the media that women will wholeheartedly support the BJP as they have benfited from various schemes of Modi government and will vote for development. People are also voting against those who have hurt Hindu sentiments and against anti-Nationals too, he was quoted as saying.