Bogus Voting by CPM reportedly caught on CCTV

CCTV footage which allegedly shows CPM workers indulging in bogus voting as charged by BJP and Congress  
Malayalam TV channels have aired the CCTV visuals of bogus voting by two-three women, allegedly belonging to CPM. BJP alleges that it took place in CPM strongholds. K. Sudhakaran and Rajmohan Unnithan, Congress candidates in Kannur and Kasaragod constituencies respectively, have filed their complaints before the Chief Election Commissioner in this regard. Complaints read that the visuals were videographed by the Commission. Visuals show that bogus voting took place in Pillathara, Thrikkarippoor and Payyannur, the places belonging to Kannur district and the same time to Kasaragod LS constituency. It clearly shows a different person, other than the one in the voters' list, casting the vote and a single individual voting twice. There are allegations that fake ID card was used. The visuals show the elected CPM member of the panchayath and also a former panchayath member casting the bogus vote.
It is alleged, Ms. Padmini , the 774th voter, in the 19th booth in Pilathara UP School, Kannur, voted twice. Visuals showed Padmini wiped the marking ink off in her hairs while the door of the booth remained closed. Visuals also show Ms. M.P. Saleena casting the vote in the 19th booth whereas she was listed as the a voter in the 17th booth. Again, she is the elected CPM member of Ward 16 of the Cheruthazham panchayath. The visuals show the CPM booth agent giving her the ID card and also returning it! Ms. K.P. Sumayya, former elected CPM member of Cheruthazham panchayath, is seen voting in the 19th booth, even though she is a voter in the 24th booth.
Similar visuals have come out from 48th booth of Thrikkarippoor and 136th booth of Payyannur. Another visual shows a voter of 50th booth of Cheruthazham panchayath voting in booth no. 19.
There are allegations that local leaders of CPM had entered the booths and remained there during the polling. In several booths pro-CPM government employees were deployed for polling duties. BJP and Congress allege that CPM has been winning the Kasaragod LS constituency since the last several years through bogus voting.
But, CPM justifies the incident stating that visuals are those of physically challenged people who availed others' help to cast their votes.
CPM has been winning several seats in Malabar through these sorts of bogus voting. It is the very same methodology CPM had been following in Bengal since 1977. If these tendencies are not nipped now, it will turn into the order of the day. It will be the death knell of democracy in the state. And, it speaks out why CPM keeps on winning several states sans break.