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Time for Cleansing of Terrorists
Apropos (Freedom or Fiefdom), Organiser, April 21, 2019, the broad daylight killing of senior RSS leader Chanderkant Sharma and his PSO Rajinder Kumar in Kishtwar exposes the frustration of the Pak-sponsored terrorists who have failed in all their game plans. Until people like Chanderkant Sharma and particularly the RSS workers are active in J&K; the separatists cannot succeed in their game plans. The RSS has a big army of ‘ready for selfless service’ volunteers who are committed to the motherland more than their individual lives and their families. It is time the central government should start the cleansing of the terrorists from the state and at the same time detect and punish those who are supporting the terrorists.
Ganesh Vaidya, Haridwar
Ownership of Ram
Apropos (Ram in Bengal), Organiser, April 21, 2019, it is very interesting to read how Shri Ram has been a part of Bengali culture and tradition since centuries, and people from all across the state have been worshipping Him. It is funny to know that the ruling Trinamool is ignorant towards the beliefs of the Bengalese and continue to accuse the RSS-BJP of promoting Ram Navami celebrations in the state. The party led by Didi is taking this line for petty political reasons and is completely unaware of the real scenario in hand.
Raghvendra Kumar, Lucknow
Newer Political Discrimination
The Election Commission and other concerned bodies should take cognisance of the shocking media-reports about strange protocol-rules set up by BSP where no other leader can rise to the dais with shoes before BSP supremo who is the only person to sit on the dais wearing shoes. 80-year old RLD chief had to follow instructions of BSP workers to take off shoes where 63-year old BSP chief was sitting wearing shoes. Alliance partners are free to bear such insult. But constitutional bodies like ECI and others must not overlook such political-discrimination, which can even be equated with caste-discrimination. If reports are true, action must be taken in larger public-interest to stop such type of political-discrimination even though accepted by alliance partners. Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi
Keeping the Word
APROPOS (Comparing the Track Record), Organiser, April 21, 2019, it is heartwarming to see that the current political dispensation in Bharat has successfully managed to deliver on its election promises made back in 2014. The BJP-led administration delivered on 94 per cent of its promises, whereas the Congress has always been in the fashion of making tall promises in the manifestos, but never really fulfilling them. I am unable to understand from where the Congress will get funds for NYAY scheme, which it has recently promised. Its promises of social welfare schemes almost invariably turn out to be haphazardly implemented or remain not satisfactory. 
Ratnadeep Banerjee, Kolkata
Dangerous Divide
There is nothing new with Congress’ divide and rule policy, probably something they have inherited from the British. Now it is on a dangerous design to divide the country into regional lines. What comes next, are they going to ask for a separate Prime Minister for South India, already their allies have started talking about separate Prime Minister for Jammu & Kashmir? Are they attempting to take us back to the era when India was divided into small kingdoms? Are all the attempts of Sardar Patel to unite India going to be reversed now? Or is it that Rahul Gandhi has accepted his inability to be Prime Minister of United India and therefore, he wants another portion of India to be created of which he can be a Prime Minister.
Sanjay Goyal, Delhi From Mao to NaMo
Apropos (Modi is the Engine of the Train Called Bharat), Organiser, April 21, 2019, the work of people like Aabhas Maldahiyar is truly inspiring. The decision to switch from communism to nationalism adopted by Aabhas is a well thought one. By revisiting history, it becomes easy to look for answers to the present and the future. Countering false narratives and propaganda is also extremely crucial and necessary so that the citizens of this country make an informed choice while deciding the fate of this country during elections.
Ved Shinde, Nashik